An Inside Into The Dolan Twins’ documentary, “Losing A Best Friend”

Grayson Dolan (Left) and Ethan Dolan (Right) at the premiere of their new documentary, Losing A Best Friend. The picture is from @graysondolan on Instagram

In October of last year, The Dolan Twins posted a video on YouTube, featuring Shane Dawson. In the video, they stated that they weren’t going to post weekly videos anymore. Instead, they were only going to post videos that they were passionate about, at their own convenience. 

Although they’ve posted several videos since then, on Monday, February 17, they posted a documentary, titled “Losing A Best Friend”. 

According to a snapchat that Grayson Dolan posted 20 minutes before the release, the twins, along with their camera crew, have been working on this documentary every day for an entire month.

Watching the documentary in it’s entirety, I can honestly say that it’s unlike anything they’ve ever posted before. If you watch The Dolan Twins on YouTube, a majority of their content is lighthearted and goofy. 

This documentary, however, will bring you to tears. It starts off with Ethan beginning to shave his head, followed by sweet home videos of the twins with their father when they were younger. Throughout the collage of memories, we hear Grayson and Ethan talking about their father’s impact; not only to them, but to the whole world.

Some of the key qualities that were mentioned in the documentary, was that he was selfless, helpful, and always so full of happiness and love. 

We’re then brought back to present day: One year after their father, Sean Dolan, lost his battle with cancer. 

From calling their grandparents to make sure that they were doing alright, to bringing the viewers along to their therapy session, we gained a much deeper insight into what the twins were feeling, and how they’ve been coping since Sean’s death.

They mentioned that although they were going through a whirlwind of emotions, the one that primarily stuck was guilt, because they didn’t know how to properly express themselves. They also go into detail about how long Sean had to live, how he felt about the diagnosis, and how the twins no longer wanted to feel numb.

It then goes into the next section, where they allow themselves to dive into past memories with their father. Grayson erupts into immediate tears, and Ethan tries to stay strong, while comforting his brother. Their viewers have always known that they were close brothers. However, it’s only 15 minutes into the documentary, and we’ve seen a side of them that’s never really been expressed online until now.

It follows up with a multitude of scenes, where the twins are seen interviewing some very important people that were near and dear to Sean’s heart. From childhood friends, to their grandparents, and the students he coached, they were certain to cover all grounds. 

The full documentary is an hour and a half long, and although I won’t be going through the entirety of it in detail, I do want to mention the ending. 

Grayson and Ethan close out the documentary, talking about Love From Sean: A foundation, that consists of a multitude of cancer organizations, such as Stand Up To Cancer, Cancer Hope Network, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and Corporate Angel Network. These organizations have a personal connection to what the twins went through, during their father’s time with cancer. 

They partnered with EIF, a philanthropic, fiscal, sponsorship foundation, to create the Love From Sean foundation, and their only request is to donate anything that you can to help cancer patients, as well as their families. 

It’s understandable that some people may not have the funds to donate, but please share their documentary with your friends, family, and anyone you know. Let’s help these cancer patients/families feel a little more at ease, and relieve them of their financial hardships.

You can donate to Love From Sean by visiting 

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