Jake Paul’s Response To Logan Paul And Tana Mongeau Dating Rumors

Photo from @jakepaul on Instagram, taken on May 9, 2019.

Before I let you read too far into this, let me just state that no, Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau are NOT dating. 

Rumors first started on February 17, when the pair were spotted eating lunch together at Joan’s On Third in Studio City. Tana held Logan’s drink up, while he sipped from it, and they were all smiles.

The part that really caught the internet’s attention, however, was when paparazzi managed to snap a photo of Paul kissing the top of Mongeau’s head. They looked very cozy toward one another, and once the pictures were released, it went viral.

Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, kissing the top of YouTube sensation, Tana Mongeau’s head. ShotbyJuliann / BACKGRID

People were trying to determine whether or not their relationship was legitimate, especially since Tana had announced her split from ex-husband, Jake Paul, a month and a half ago. However, it wouldn’t have been the first time that Logan had stolen one of Jake’s exes. 

Back in November of 2017, in a now deleted tweet, Jake Paul replied back to a fan, exposing Logan for getting intimate with his then girlfriend, Alissa Violet.

Fast forward to present day. Logan Paul uploaded a five minute long YouTube video on February 19. In the video, he admits that this relationship scandal between Tana and himself was all an act.

He goes on to show the full process of how they pranked everyone; from brainstorming and scripting, up until the execution of the plan. While the media caught the two embracing one another, Paul’s video shows differently. They stated that it was awkward for them to film, but at the same time, it gave them a good laugh.

The video then goes on to capture Jake Paul’s live reaction to the prank, since he wasn’t aware that any of it was happening, until after it went viral. He first tells Jake on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, to which Jake stands up and walks away.

He managed to get Jake into the car, to film his reaction in more detail, and Jake brings up the Alissa Violet situation. He appears to be in distress, and Logan’s mood immediately switches to guilt. 

We learn by the end of the video, that Jake was also putting on an act, and that he “didn’t care” that Logan pranked him with Tana for views.

However, Tana does make a very good point at the end of this video. She states that, “Everything that you see online is not always what it seems”.

There have been quite a few cases already, in which people have been able to trick the media.

In October of 2018, Justin Bieber made headlines for eating a burrito sideways. However, it was later debunked that the person in the photo, was Tana’s ex-boyfriend and Justin Bieber doppelgänger,  Brad Sousa.

He was flown in from Canada by the Yes Theory YouTube members to pull an elaborate prank on the media. Much like Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau, they posted a video of their plan, and the media believed it enough to spread it all over the internet.

In the infamous words of Selena Gomez, “everything is not what it seems”.

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