What David Dobrik Just Confirmed About His Relationship With Natalie Noel

Natalie Noel (Left) with David Dobrik (Right) taking a holiday picture with Wilson the Golden Retriever. Photography credits go to Jack Dytrych

David Dobrik and Natalie Noel have been best friends since they both lived in an Illinois small town, called Vernon Hills. He mentioned that his family was pulling into a house that they were interested in buying, and that’s where it all started.

He spotted Natalie going outside to get the mail, and he was instantly mesmerized. They admitted that it took them a while after to finally become friends, but once they started talking, they never left each other’s lives.

From going to prom together, to becoming David’s assistant, they both have such a unique and close bond with one another.

On August 25, 2019, Dobrik posted a TikTok with Noel, where they answered “yes” or “no” to their most common fan questions. The TikTok was standard and straight forward. A lot of “yes” answers to friend questions, and “no” answers towards the questions, regarding their dating status. However, the end had fans going crazy with possible dating theories, and it amassed a total of 49 million views.  

You can find the original post on @daviddobrik on the TikTok app.

Since then, they’ve been asked numerous times if they have romantic feelings towards one another, and each time, they either say that their relationship is platonic, or that they have a sibling-type of relationship. I mean, Selena Gomez once said that Justin Bieber was like her “little brother”, but they ended up in a relationship… Just saying. 

However, on February 18, 2020, Glamour posted a YouTube video, titled, “David Dobrik and Natalie Noel Take A Friendship Test.” 

There are some flirtatious jokes sprinkled in throughout the video, but the entirety of it was fun and light hearted. They did confirm that they’re just friends (sorry Datalie shippers), and they even proved it with a one-minute long hug that, according to Dobrik, felt equivalent to “finding an object, and taking it back to my house”. 

Whether their friendship blooms into something more, only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of David buying a billboard, filled with drunk texts, sent from his best friend, Toddy Smith, to Natalie.

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