Read What Ellen, Diddy, And David Dobrik Did For These Sweet Children Battling Cancer

Credit to: Doug Inglish for the photo of Ellen DeGeneres (top left), The Mega Agency for the photo of P. Diddy (top right), and Bryant for the photo of David Dobrik (bottom right).

On Wednesday, February 19, Ellen DeGeneres teased a heartwarming clip on her Instagram. Ellen is always doing incredible things to give back to others, and to shed positivity in the world. However, this clip in particular brought a tear to my eye.

In the clip, Ellen introduces 8 children battling various types of cancer. They are all a part of an incredible organization, called FAM: Fighting All Monsters. According to their mission statement, their main focus is to “provide support to children facing life-threatening challenges”.

The children worked together, alongside director, Luieville, to create a video that went viral. The video consists of these 8 children, along with others, holding up signs, and asking Diddy Combs to go dance with them. In the background of the video, we hear Diddy’s song, “Bad Boy For Life” playing. 

On Thursday, February 20, the full episode premiered, and this clip was released on Ellen’s YouTube channel.

Ellen interviews the children, asking why they were so interested in that song specifically. One of the children, Will Walker, responds by saying, “We chose this song by P. Diddy, Bad Boy For Life, because the lyrics connect with us. You know, cause, in the song, it’s – we survived what we’ve been through. And we’re all battling cancer, and we ain’t going anywhere!”

These children appeared so happy and so full of life, even after going through life challenging obstacles at such a young age. They’re living life to the fullest, and their positivity and determination certainly inspired Ellen. After talking to them for a few minutes, Ellen was proud to invite Diddy onto the stage to not only greet the children, but to dance with them as well.

Diddy expressed his extreme gratitude towards the fact that “Bad Boy For Life” was able to inspire them, and keep their spirits held high. 

When the episode aired yesterday afternoon, the children reacted to it by smiling and dancing through their segment.

Original video found on @luievilleandcompany on Instagram

Another celebrity that’s involved in this story is YouTube sensation, David Dobrik. After the Ellen DeGeneres episode was taped on February 19, an after party was created for the children. Some surprise guests included David Dobrik, Toddy Smith, Jason Nash, and Nick Antonyan.

The children looked so surprised and ecstatic when Dobrik walked through the door. It was all smiles as one by one, they ran to hug him.

Later on, a clip was posted to Instagram, where Dobrik is seen doing the infamous TikTok “renegade” dance with FAM members, Brianna Hein, and Baylie Hankins.

Scroll to the last one for the renegade video. The full video can be found by searching @briannahein on TikTok.

You can donate to FAM by heading over to

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