The One Where They Finally Reunite

Credit to: Warnermedia

Friends is one of the most popular shows to date. It’s the type of show that you can watch with your family (well, certain episodes, at least), friends, and even your pets. Millenials and many prior generations watch the show, due to its comedic tone, and relevant themes (love, work troubles, and you know, owning a monkey named Marcel).

However, it stopped producing episodes officially on May 6, 2004, with an overall total of 56 million viewers towards the end. Although the series ended, Netflix bought the rights to stream the show on their app. Towards the end of 2018, Netflix announced that it was going to end its contract with Friends. This angered many viewers, and they tweeted, direct messaged, and hashtagged for Netflix to keep Friends going for another year.

There were even fans creating actual petitions to gain Netflix’s attention.

It ended up working out, as Netflix confirmed in a tweet on December 3, 2018, that Friends would continue to stream on their platform throughout 2019. Although viewers were ecstatic, it came with a price for Netflix. They ended up paying $100 million to the Warnermedia franchise, to renew their contract for another year.

At the end of 2019, all hope was lost as Netflix announced that Friends would be leaving their app for good. HBO later announced that Friends would move to their streaming platform, HBOMax, in 2020. 

Although that’s great news, what fans have wanted for years now was an official Friends reunion. Although the full cast has reunited in the past, when Jennifer Aniston posted her first Instagram photo, they haven’t confirmed an official reunion episode. 

In early 2018, there was speculation of a movie that was being filmed amongst the cast, when a trailer was originally posted by a Will Ferrell Facebook page. Fans went crazy, and immediately wanted confirmation that it was true. Unfortunately, it was debunked, and proven to be just another fan edit.

This stirred the pot even more for a Friends reunion, and recently, Jennifer Aniston was on the Ellen show. Ellen, like most of us, was curious to know about any upcoming reunions, and Jennifer had us on the edge of our seats with her response. All she said was, “anything can happen”, and they moved on to another topic. 

Finally, on Friday, February 21st, HBOMax, along with the entire main cast of Friends, released a statement on Instagram, confirming that an official Friends reunion episode is in the works. HBO Max is set to launch in May of 2020, but no word on when the Friends episode will be released. Stay tuned for updates!

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