Cari Fletcher: Artist On The Rise

Credit: @findingxfletcher on Instagram.

At some point, we’ve all listened to a really catchy song, and even though we can belt the lyrics while we’re drunk at a bar, or shout it when we’re driving in the car, the name of the artist appears to be foreign in our brains.

If you’ve ever heard the song, UnDrunk, then you know who Cari Fletcher is. However, if that’s the only song from her that you’re familiar with, then you’re really missing out. 

Cari Fletcher, 25, is a New Jersey native pop artist, who’s passionate, dedicated and very unique. She speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Fletcher first came to fruition, during her X Factor debut in 2011, when she got paired up with three other women and formed the girl group, Lakoda Rayne. After the group was eliminated, Fletcher stayed out of the spotlight for a few years, while continuing to work on music of her own. 

In 2015, she released her first single, War Paint. The song went viral with millions upon millions of streams on Spotify. She hit the Spotify Viral Charts almost immediately, and only continued to rise after that.

In 2016, she released Finding Fletcher, her debut EP, which featured songs like: Princess, War Paint, Over My Head, Avalanche, and her next biggest hit, Wasted Youth.

Although Wasted Youth was a huge hit, it was the music video that really got people talking. The music video was released in March of 2017, and featured her close friend and LGBTQ+ YouTube sensation, Shannon Beveridge (NowThisIsLiving). The video starts out with a home video playing in the beginning, and we see more of those home videos as it switches from flashbacks to present day. As the video progresses, we see Fletcher and Shannon running around and enjoying life without negativity.

Towards the end, the two kiss and that’s when people began to speculate whether or not the two were dating. Back in 2017, during an interview with Paper Magazine about the music video, Fletcher stated that, “The more we normalize same-sex relationships the less stigma. There’s definitely been a shift that people aren’t so quick to box themselves into labels which is amazing and I wanted to make a video that felt normal.”

Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I found that I was able to relate to that completely. She seems to have always been so outspoken with advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as women’s rights, and I find that to be very admirable.

Fletcher ended up signing with Capitol Records in August of 2018, and in January of 2019, she released her hit single, UnDrunk. The song went viral, and it was soon heard on radio stations all over the country, played in clubs, and sung as an ode to horrid exes. 

I came across that song a few months after it was released, and my first thought was that the lyrics had such a unique theme to it, and it was relatable to anyone who’s ever gotten their heart broken. In April of last year, Fletcher announced that she would be opening up for LANY on tour, and I knew that I had to grab tickets. However, the day that she was supposed to perform in New York was also the day that I graduated from college.

So, I did what any rational person would do. As soon as I received my diploma, I “excused myself to the restroom”, ditched graduation, and went right into New York City for the show. 

Have you ever heard someone perform at a concert, and their live vocals weren’t as great as their auto tuned vocals? Well, I can honestly say that Cari Fletcher gained a new fan that night, because, wow… Her vocals were even better than what I had previously listened to on Spotify. From the control in her voice, to her passion, and the insane runs, you could feel every word that she sang. 

After that night, I found myself buying tickets to see her perform at KFest in Bethel Woods, and on September 7th, 2019, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. She performed there for her solo tour, to promote her latest EP, You Ruined New York City For Me.

During that concert, she sang a beautiful rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s ballad, Someone You Loved, and afterwards, she admitted to the crowd that she wished for Lewis to be her best friend. 

If anyone can prove that dreams come true, it’s Fletcher, because on September 25th, 2019, just a few weeks later, Lewis Capaldi was in the crowd at the El Rey Theatre, and recorded her cover of Someone You Loved. Later, they got drunk at an after party, and at the end of 2019, it was announced that Fletcher would be opening up for Lewis Capaldi, as well as Niall Horan, on Niall’s “Nice To Meet You” stadium tour.

Credit: on Instagram

I’m looking forward to seeing queer female icon, Cari Fletcher, continuing to shine like the talented artist that she is.

If you have the chance, go see her on tour, and make sure to buy your tickets at

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