The Bachelor: Fantasy Suites And Madison’s Big Decision

Last night was the fantasy suites episode of The Bachelor, and things got hotter than a Summer in Las Vegas.

Just a warning before I continue: This article contains spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

The episode last week ended in a cliffhanger, with Madison approaching Peter, in regards to how she’s feeling about fantasy suite week.

Last night, however, we got to see that she was open about her feelings, and Peter seemed to appreciate that. Although she was upfront about how upset she would be if Peter was intimate with Hannah Ann or Victoria F., Peter expressed his gratitude for her honesty. 

Once the fantasy suite week started, it was an awkward turn of events, when Madison, Victoria, and Hannah Anne found out that they were all staying in the same villa together.

The first girl to get chosen on a date was Hannah Ann. It seemed like a day full of fun, as Peter chose jet skiing as their daily activity. They started off riding two separate jet skis, but if you’ve watched this season in its entirety, then you know that Peter craves affection, and he can only go so long without being able to hold someone. So, naturally, they ended up on one jet ski together, and they had a blast. Later on, during the dinner, Peter asked Hannah Ann to go to the fantasy suite with him, and instead of giving her a rose, he gave her the key. She accepted, and the rest of their night goes without saying.

Credit: ABC

The next morning, Hannah Anne came back to the villa, and it was Victoria F’s turn for a date with Peter. Although the girls were cordial with one another, when Victoria F went on her date with Peter, Madison and Hannah Ann sat in silence, not knowing what to say. They tried small talk, but that didn’t last for more than five seconds, before they were back to sitting in silence.

Meanwhile, Victoria F. and Peter had a wonderful day. They flew around in a helicopter, did a bit of kissing, and approached a beautiful waterfall. For once, they had a drama free date. They were able to communicate with one another for the first time, without someone running away.

Credit: Bachelor Nation on Instagram

Once the screen switched back to Madison and Hannah Anne, Madison was seen confiding in Hannah about her conversation with Peter. The camera zoomed in on Hannah’s face, as she looked disgusted and confused as to what Madison was saying. 

This conversation was brought up later on in the episode, when Madison had her date with Peter. Hannah Ann relayed what Madison told her in confidence, to Victoria F. Of course, Victoria F. got annoyed, and started to question why Madison was even still there, if she felt so strongly about Peter’s intimacy towards other women. 

Meanwhile, Madison had a great date with Peter, scaling the heights of Australia, and for the first time, she admitted to the audience that she was falling in love with Peter. He still didn’t know it yet, though.

Credit: ABC

However, later on, during the dinner portion of the date, tensions began to rise, when Madison finally admitted that she was saving herself for marriage. The tables were then turned on Peter, as Madison asked for the truth, in regards to whether or not he was intimate with the other two contestants. She had stated earlier in the episode that if he was planning on spending the night in full with the other two, that it would be hard for her to move forward in the process.

After much stalling, and many moments of silence, Peter does admit that he went all the way with both Hannah Ann, as well as Victoria F.

This sparked disappointment in Madison, because according to her, “He knew that there was a chance that he could lose me, if he had made certain decisions, and he went ahead and did it anyway”. We’ve seen a lot of contestants cry on the show, and we’ve seen Peter look upset when certain women got sent home.

However, this time was different. Madison hadn’t shown her emotional side up until last night, and it seems like between that, and the fact that Peter didn’t want Madison to leave, he let himself feel his emotions. When Madison excused herself to recollect, Peter began to cry for the first time this season. 

The episode ended with Madison walking away from the date, and the promo showing Madison’s absences from next week’s rose ceremony. 

If you want to know more about what happens, tune into ABC, next week at 8 pm to see what happens with Madison. You’ll also be seeing some familiar faces, as 17 contestants come back for the “Women Tells All” Bachelor episode.

I’ll be reporting on the episode next week, so check the Frequentea Entertainment website on Tuesday, March 3rd, for the inside scoop!

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