FaZe Rug’s Brother, Brandon Awadis, & Cousin, Anthony Jabro, Involved In Serious Allegation Scandal

FaZe Rug (left), Anthony Jabro (middle), and Brandon Awadis (right). Credit: @shermantheverman on Instagram

If you’re not familiar with who Brandon Awadis is, then maybe you know his brother, Brian.

Brian Awadis, aka FaZe Rug is a YouTuber with over 14 million subscribers. He got his start on YouTube after he became a part of FaZe Clan. 

Several years after FaZe Rug gained popularity on YouTube, his brother, Brandon, decided to make a channel as well.

As of today, Brandon’s YouTube channel, Brawadis, has over 4 million subscribers and counting. On Monday, February 24th, DramaAlert host and creator, KeemStar, uploaded a now unlisted 14-minute YouTube video.

The video begins with Keem explaining that although he’s a fan of FaZe Rug, he doesn’t like Brandon. According to KeemStar, Brandon allegedly tried to “ruin Rug’s career” several years ago. 

He then goes on to state that two girls have approached him with different intel on Brandon, as well as his cousin, Anthony Jabro. KeemStar continued, by saying that one girl,  by the name of Emily Rose, had reportedly accused Brandon of sexual assault. Since this is a very serious allegation to make, Keem wanted to get Emily’s input as to what happened. Although Keemstar later unlisted the original video, due to the possibility that these girls were falsely accusing Brandon and Anthony, a YouTube user, by the name of Rookie Cards & Cromos re-uploaded it.

In the interview, Emily claims that Anthony and Brandon led her into a room upstairs, and Anthony watched, as Brandon proceeded to force her into unwanted sexual acts.

However, a lot of fans were quick to defend Brandon and Anthony, with one user tweeting screenshots of tweets from FaZe Rug, Brandon, and Anthony, with the following caption: 

Brandon also uploaded a video on the same evening that KeemStar’s video was released. In the video, Brandon and Anthony defend their side, and give their own statements as to what happened that night. At one point throughout the video, Brandon mentioned that if Emily was so shaken up about the situation, “why would she not go to the cops with the accusation, instead of going to a drama channel on YouTube?”

FaZe Rug and Anthony also chimed in during the video, agreeing with Brandon that she, as well as the other girl (involved in a different situation), were stuttering, hesitating, and sounded as though they were holding back laughter throughout the interview on Drama Alert.

The other girl involved goes by the name of “Diba”, and claimed that Anthony allegedly forced her to act as though she had feelings for him in a Brawadis video, when in fact, they were just friends. 

However, earlier today, Anthony released a screenshot of a text between him and Diba. The text shows Diba contacting Anthony the day after the video was released. In the above message, we also see a text from her, explaining a dream that she had about living with Anthony in the future. 

There was also a screenshot that was released by Brandon on his Twitter, where he exposed Diba’s private Instagram message to him from two years ago (before she and Anthony personally knew each other). 

Then, a Twitter user, by the name of Flixohh, shared a screen recording of the Instagram live video, between Diba and Emily. In the video, Diba is venting about the situation, and she appears to be cracking a smile, before hiding her face.

Once this video was released, Keemstar saw it, called Brandon personally, and issued this tweet:

In the YouTube video, Brandon and Anthony mentioned that they may end up taking legal action against both Emily and Diba, for defamation of character. 

As of earlier today, there hasn’t been any updates towards the allegations. 

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

One thought on “FaZe Rug’s Brother, Brandon Awadis, & Cousin, Anthony Jabro, Involved In Serious Allegation Scandal

  1. I feel bad for actual female assault victim thanks to these stupid cunts people now will take actual victims of this crime less serious now


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