Love Is Blind: A Review Of The Pilot

Credit: Netflix

Imagine if ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor, wasn’t based off of physical appearance, but more so emotional connection. Imagine if the girls didn’t know what he looked like, and he didn’t know what any of them looked like.

Well, Netflix created a show just like that, and it’s called, Love Is Blind.

I’m going to be very honest when I say that I haven’t been on Netflix in a while; so, I wasn’t familiar with the show from the very beginning. However, I’ve gotten texts from friends, family, and I’ve had conversations with strangers, who’ve all recommended this show to me. So, naturally, I had to see for myself if it was worth all the hype.

So far, I’ve only watched the pilot episode, but from the first few minutes, I already fell in love with Lauren’s personality. She has so much self respect, and she speaks the truth about physical appearance. She states that she wants a man that won’t focus on what she looks like as she gets older, and rather, who will love her for her flaws, her emotions, and her heart.

Nowadays, it’s true. Between Bumble, Tinder, and all of the other dating apps, you have the option to swipe left or right, simply based off of an appearance. It’s repugnant, if you really think about it.

These men and women arrive to find the love of their lives, solely based off of communication and emotional connection. Then, similarly to The Bachelor, once the couple determines that they have a strong enough connection, the man will propose on the spot. 

Credit: Netflix/Everett Collection

Although that sounds incredible, there is a catch. Once the engagement happens, the couple will have to get married within 30 days. Once co-hosts, Nick & Vanessa Lachey relayed that towards the contestants, the viewers could sense a bit of hesitation and uncertainty in some of their faces, as the concept was finally registering with them.

However, none of them verbally questioned it. 

After the general meeting, they got right down to the introductions with their future husband/wife. To prevent being able to see each other, they were separated by a thin wall that, according to one contestant, resembled special effects from the hit Disney film, Frozen. 

It was absolutely hilarious, watching certain people interact. When Barnett and Diamond started talking, Barnett cracked a joke about Diamond’s name resembling a stripper name, and Diamond’s face said it all. Immediately, the viewers can determine which ones have chemistry, and which ones will clash.

Mark Cuevas (top left), Barnett (bottom left) and Jessica Batten (right). Credit: Netflix/Christopher Paul

Speaking of clashing, two men are already fighting for contestant, Jessica Batten’s heart. Barnett and Mark Cuevos both have immense feelings towards Jessica. Cuevos blatantly admitted that he could see Batten as his wife. Although Barnett was holding in how he felt, towards the end of the episode, he finally began to express himself. His feelings appeared to be reciprocated, since Batten declared that she would end her search and marry him right then and there.

It seems like Barnett and Jessica will continue to explore their journey ahead, as their feelings begin to flourish. Lauren and Cameron, however, completed their journey to love by the end of the episode, when Cameron proposed to her. Lauren accepted the proposal on the opposite side of the wall, and now, it’s just a matter of planning for their wedding to happen within 30 days.

After finishing the pilot, it really has viewers thinking. We’re so used to the voyeuristic concept of sight. If a woman doesn’t wear makeup, that might turn the typical man away. If a man doesn’t have a six pack of abs, that might be a dealbreaker for certain women.

It’s so interesting watching people interact and fall in love in reverse. Normally, you’d see what someone looks like, and once you find them physically attractive, that’s when the initial interaction would happen.

Another review will be released in the near future, outlining my thoughts on the entirety of the season. Until then, be sure to watch Love Is Blind on Netflix, if you haven’t already!

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