A Look Into His Past Accomplishments, As Justin Bieber Celebrates His 26th Birthday

Credit: One Less Lonely Girl music video/ @justinbieber on Instagram

Today is Justin Bieber’s 26th Birthday. Wow, I feel old. I remember being in middle school when I first heard about him. 

That was the same year that he released the 2009 single that started it all: “One Time”.

After that, he spiked the charts, and became America’s dream boat. According to a 2019 article from Insider, “Eighteen of Bieber’s singles have become top 10 hits.”

Credit: Various

Bieber has released a total of about 60 songs, and five studio albums (all of which have been a hit) throughout his career, thus far. 

He’s also switched up genres of music; going from mainly pop, to r&b (“Yummy”), country (“10,000 hours” ft. Dan & Shay), and he even experimented in the Spanish genre, when he collaborated with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee on Despacito, back in 2017.

While Bieber is known for his controversial acts and poor behavior in the past, he’s developed a strong connection to his faith, that ultimately changed him for the better. He started taking it seriously after staying with Carl Lentz in 2014. Lentz is a pastor at the Hillsong Church in New York City, and helped Bieber cut ties with drugs, and mend his relationship with God.

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Bieber has also looked up to pastor and mentor, Judah Smith. Smith is a pastor for Churchome, with locations in Los Angeles, and Seattle. He’s been connected with Smith for quite some time now, and he even posts a lot of daily guided prayers from Smith’s app, Churchome. 

In June of 2018, he reunited with current wife, Hailey Bieber, at a conference of faith, led by Rich Wilkerson Jr. After the conference, the two never lost touch, and eventually got married.

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Your my birthday gift bubba

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Earlier today, Bieber posted this sweet Instagram photo of the two, with the caption, “Your my birthday gift bubba.” 

The way that Justin is holding Hailey so tightly in this picture, appears to resemble another photo of the two. Back in January of 2016, Justin Bieber posted the first photo of him kissing Hailey at a party. 

It’s great to see him happy again, and to see that they’re no longer paying attention to any of the negative comments, surrounding their relationship.

Although we saw a sneak peak of the two on Hailey’s recent Instagram story, we can’t wait to see what she ends up posting for his birthday. 

Bieber also released his latest album, Changes, in early February, as well as his new docuseries, Seasons. You can watch all ten episodes of Seasons on YouTube. In the docuseries, he opens up about his struggles in the past, and how he was able to get through them.

He also took a long break from tour, to focus on himself and his depression and anxiety. However, at the end of January, he released a photo on Instagram of a bunch of tour dates, stating that he was ready to go back on tour. 

This is also the first time that Hailey will be joining him on a tour, and he expressed that he couldn’t be happier to have her by his side.

Happy 26th Birthday, Justin Bieber. Congrats on all of your success, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. 

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