Ryan Seacrest Did THIS For American Idol Newcomer, Courtney Timmons

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Ryan Seacrest is known worldwide, for a variety of things. He’s a radio host on his hit radio show: On Air With Ryan Seacrest, a television co-host for Live With Kelly And Ryan, and a host/executive producer of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve.

However, Seacrest is most known for hosting ABC’s hit singing competition, American Idol. Although he’s been hosting the show since 2002, back when the show was aired on FOX, it’s what he did for one contestant that has fans praising him.

Seacrest posted an IGTV video on his Instagram yesterday, that showcases how he made one contestant’s dreams come true.

In the video, Ryan explains how it all went down. He was walking around outside of the building, when he spotted a girl sitting by herself. He took note that she appeared visibly upset, and naturally, went up to talk to her. Seacrest found out that this girl’s name was Courtney Timmons, and that she was waiting on the curb since 8 am, in hopes of making her dreams come true. Timmons, unfortunately, missed the deadline for the open casting call, but she refused to give up. She admitted that she would have waited outside all day, until after the last contestant had auditioned. Then, her plan was to go inside and ask for her chance to shine.

Luckily for Timmons, Seacrest found her passion and dedication to be very admirable, and he wasn’t about to let her wait for hours, for an opportunity that may or may not have happened. So, he took her into the building, and approached the audition room. He introduced Timmons to the Idol judges: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. After explaining Timmon’s story to the judges, they allowed Timmons to introduce herself. Perry even made a light hearted joke about how Timmons cheated the system, and skipped all of the necessary steps to audition.

Courtney Timmons and Ryan Seacrest, awaiting the judges’ approval to audition. Source: ABC

Then, they allowed Timmons to give it a shot, and perform an audition. She sang a beautiful rendition of Andra Day’s song, “Rise Up”, and throughout the audition, the camera focused in on the judges’ stunned reactions. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing, and they looked absolutely blown away.

Once Timmons finished singing, Bryan and Richie were asking the casting producers if they were being pranked, because of how this whole thing played out. Then, Perry blatantly admitted that she was one of the best singers that they’ve heard all day, and the other judges agreed. Richie commented on her voice, saying “You can sang. You are a bird, girl.”

Credit: Instagram/ABC

That’s when Katy spoke for all of the judges, and told Timmons that she was going to Hollywood. Once she heard that, she was over the moon with excitement, and even Seacrest can be seen getting teary eyed in the background. “Sorry, I’m like a parent. I’m crying”, he says, as Katy Perry also gets emotional.

Lionel extends the golden ticket towards Timmons, and approaches him for a hug. The others join in, and Courtney exits to call her father.

There’s too much negativity being spread around social media nowadays. So, it’s always touching to see videos like this getting the recognition that it deserves.

Tune into ABC on Sunday nights to continue following Courtney Timmons’ incredible journey to stardom.

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