Who Will Get Eliminated Tonight, and Who Will Win The Bachelor?

Credit: Instagram

***Warning: The article that you’re about to read contains spoilers for tonight’s episode, as well as potential theories for the finale. Continue at your own risk***

Ah, Peter Weber. Sensitive, kind hearted, and very passionate about finding love. There are two episodes left until the season finale, and three contestants left: Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Victoria Fuller. 

When asked about two particular women during an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in January, Weber spoke very highly of them. When Roses and Rosé host, Lauren Zima, asked about Madison’s date with his family, Peter was all smiles. He immediately gushed about how he’s so thankful that the date turned out the way that it did with Madison, and that he couldn’t have wished for it with anyone else.

He then moves onto the second woman, where he reiterates that he gave Hannah Ann the initial first impression rose. According to Weber, “I loved the boldness. I loved her showing me exactly why she’s there… She’s the sweetest person in the world”. 

That in itself should’ve been a hint that Madison and Hannah Ann would be the last two contestants left. However, if you’re still skeptical, due to the promo for tonight about Madison missing, then be sure to follow Reality Steve on Instagram. He posts weekly predications for the show, and he’s been right every week thus far, in terms of eliminations, drama, favorites, etc. According to a post that he released on Instagram last week, Madison does show up to the rose ceremony, after what seems like an eternity. That’s when he hands out two roses: One to Hannah Ann, and one to Madison. Victoria Fuller gets eliminated, and Madison has fans on the edge of their seats as she pauses, before finally approaching Peter to accept the rose.

If you’ve watched Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, then you’ll remember what happened with the great Venmo spoiler of 2019. Bachelor fans go hard, and that’s exactly what Twitter user, @clur19, did. According to a tweet, she stalked Underwood’s Venmo friends, found him, and saw a transaction between him and now girlfriend, Cassie Randolph.

Therefore, executives of The Bachelor had to ensure that future candidates would be more careful, in terms of spoiling the season. Since Reality Steve, nor anyone else could confirm how Weber’s season will end, I took it upon myself to do some digging.

Peter professed his love towards both Madison and Hannah Ann. However, he expressed his feelings towards Madison first. This prompted me to search for any details, accidental slips, etc. So, I searched on TikTok, and I found a video that one user posted. I didn’t save the video, so I’m not sure who made it. However, if the person recognizes the description of their video, please notify me so that I may attribute proper credit.

The video showed the user going to Peter’s Instagram. She searched up all of Hannah Ann’s family, and they weren’t following Peter. Hannah Ann, of course, was following Peter. Then, the user typed Madison’s name. She was not following Peter on instagram. However, when she typed in malprew and maryprew, they were following him. Mal and Mary are Madison’s siblings.

While this doesn’t confirm anything, the video continues. Madison has been very vocal about her faith, and according to Madison’s “bachelorette biography” section on ABC, she feels as though she was meant to travel and do missionary work around the world. About two years ago, Madison posted a photo on her Instagram highlights. She had taken a photo of two children, and included a geotag in Uganda, Africa. She was there during a semester of college, to help children and conduct missionary work.

Credit: @madiprew on Instagram

Now, earlier in January, Peter took to his Instagram story to release a series of videos, with longtime friend, Courtney Slovenski. Weber helped promote Seed To Mountain Ministries: Slovenski’s non-profit organization, determined to provide women and children with a platform to share their faith (big or small), and bring about positive social change.

Weber stated that he was going on a trip to Uganda with Courtney, to help renovate their Uganda sanctuary, and that they were going to choose a few people to join them on the trip, as long as they pledge to donate to the Seed To Mountains organization.

Once again, although this isn’t direct confirmation, it’s just interesting to see how Peter went from saying that his faith wasn’t too strong, to recently announcing that he’s going on a missionary trip to Uganda. Madison has also stated that in The Bachelor that she would like to go back to Uganda in the future for another missionaries trip.

The icing on top of the cake is that although Peter has posted the video on his Instagram story, it only stayed up for 24 hours, and once again, Madison isn’t following Peter on Instagram. Although, a few of the past contestants, along with Hannah Ann are following the pilot, and although a few of them are also religious, they didn’t comment, follow, or like anything that had to do with Seeds To Mountains.

Yet, look who’s following the page, alongside Weber.

Does this mean that Madison was Peter’s choice, and that she will be joining him on the Uganda trip later this Spring? Or is this all just a crazy coincidence?

Tune in tonight on ABC to watch Victoria F. get eliminated, and to watch 17 former contestants battle it out in the hot seat.

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