Women Tell All: Rose Ceremony, Drama, and How These Contestants Deal With Online Hate

Credit: @alayahbenavidez on Instagram.

Last night was the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor.

The beginning started off with the rose ceremony. Although Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller were ready to go, Peter wanted to wait until Madison arrived (or if she was even going to show up at all). After what appeared to be an eternity, Madison appeared, and Peter began handing out roses.

He handed the first one to Hannah Ann, and then called out Madison’s name for the next rose. She paused for a moment, before finally stepping down to accept the rose. 

Victoria F got eliminated, and before leaving in the car, Peter expressed to her that he was falling in love with her, but that his feelings towards the other women had progressed further. 

After we found out who stayed, and who got sent home, that’s when that segment ended, and the “Women Tell All” segment began.

Chris Harrison hosting the WTA episode of ABC’s, The Bachelor. Credit: @chrisbharrison on Instagram.

Chris Harrison hosted the show, and introduced the 17 former contestants: Sarah Coffin, Kylie Ramos, Deandra Kanu, Alayah Benavidez, Victoria Paul, Victoria Fuller, Mykenna Dorn, Alexa Caves, Savannah Mullins, Kelsey Weier, Sydney Hightower, Tammy Ly, Katrina Badowski, Maurissa Gunn, Lexi Buchanan, Kiarra Norman, and Shiann Lewis. 

Unfortunately, Kelley Flanagan wasn’t there, as she had previously stated that she wasn’t invited to the taping. However, she did manage to see a few of The Bachelor women several weekends ago, to celebrate her birthday in Los Angeles. 

Natasha had announced on her Instagram profile yesterday that she was invited, but was unable to attend. However, she did post a lot of humorous commentary on her Instagram story, during the episode. Many times, she jokingly stated that she wanted to see Peter get slapped.

Natasha never failed to bring the comedy. Nonetheless, Kelley and Natasha were certainly missed last night.

Once Chris Harrison began talking about issues that ensued in the mansion, there were immediate responses from the contestants. There were numerous interruptions, accusations, and a lot of yelling. However, I don’t want to solely focus on the drama that occured last night, because although that could be entertaining to watch, it certainly wasn’t last night’s focus.

After the commercial break, Harrison put Kelsey Weier in the hot seat, where she discussed the champagne gate incident, and when told by Shiann Lewis that it was “irrational” to have reacted the way that she did, Weier agreed. She laughed it off and admitted that she didn’t react in the most appropriate way, and it goes to show her growth throughout this journey. 

Kelsey Weier (left) accepting her bottle of champagne from Ashley Ianconetti (right). Credit: @kelsey_weier on Instagram.

To celebrate that response, Harrison brought Ashley Iaconetti out on the stage to surprise Weier with a giant bottle of champagne. Iaconetti was a contestant on various series, within The Bachelor franchise: Bachelor In Paradise, The Bachelor Winter Games, and of course, The Bachelor.

Once the light hearted moment ended, Tammy Ly was put on the spot for previously calling Weier “emotionally unstable”, and attaching the “pill popper” and “alcoholic” labels to her name. Although Ly denied those claims, Weier responded, by discussing the importance of mental health. She stated, that “It is also very rude to the people that go through those diseases, that may watch this show and feel belittled and ashamed for the diseases that they have… and I’m not okay with that.”

Victoria Fuller took the hot seat, next. Fuller watched the replay of her moments with Peter, which brought tears to her eyes. When asked by Chris Harrison why she was so upset when she watched that, Fuller admitted that she hated how she acted towards Peter, and that “he put up with a lot”. Comparing this Victoria, to the one that we saw all season, I think we can all agree with Harrison, when he said that she really owned up to her emotions, and the way that she acted.

Peter was up next, and although a few women asked questions, regarding Peter’s past intentions, it was fairly tame for the most part. Sydney spoke on behalf of all of the women, declaring that they were happy for Peter, and that there isn’t any animosity between them.

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay. Credit: @chrisbharrison on Instagram.

After that segment, things took a turn. By then, all of the drama and cattiness had ended, and former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, took the stage to talk about bullying. Lindsay read some of the negative messages that these contestants have been receiving. 

One of them read, “You’re an emotional stupid b****. Kill yourself. You’re useless.” As more comments were read, more tears were shed. The fact that at that moment, none of the fighting, yelling, and drama between the contestants mattered, spoke volumes. They explained that they filter certain words out of their direct messages, so that they’re not constantly reading such hateful messages.

Above all of the drama and pettiness during this season of The Bachelor, friendships were made. Natasha explained on her Instagram story, that “this is why after the show, people get so close. We do end up being each other’s crutch, and sure, there’s people you don’t get along with. But, nobody else knows what it’s like to go through this experience.”

There’s a difference between criticism and bullying. Yes, viewers may have their fan favorites of who should win. However, sending death threats and hate towards the contestants is NOT okay, and won’t eliminate any of them. 

Alayah Benavidez posted a photo on Instagram last night, and I highly suggest reading the caption.

Congratulations to these incredible women for their strength, poise, and determination to move forward. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with bullying of any kind, please seek help from a family member, a friend, or a counselor.

The Bachelor returns next Monday at 8 pm on ABC, for it’s two day, live season finale.

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