Fans Are Concerned For Post Malone’s State Of Well Being

Credit: Adam Degross

Post Malone (born Austin Post) is one of the biggest names in today’s music generation. He’s known for his songwriting, rapping and unique vocal abilities, and many of his songs have peaked on the Billboard Top 100 charts.

Some of his song credits include: Circle, I Fall Apart, Rockstar, and the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack single, Sunflower.

Many fans who have met the singer personally have nothing but kind things to say about their encounters. 

Credit: Nate Wade Subaru

Recently, however, Post Malone has been trending on the popular app, TikTok. One user, by the name of _valerielynn_ posted a video on the app yesterday. The video documented her Post Malone concert experience, at the Kansas City Sprint Center, in early February.

In the video, Post Malone is seen on the jumbotron, as he performs a live version of his hit song, Rockstar. The video has amassed a total of 20+ million views, and the comments are flooded with concerned fans. 

“Hear me out… Mac died on tour, juice died on tour, n so did lil peep.. I’m worried for post”, one user commented.

What he’s referring to is that in the video, Post Malone doesn’t appear to be in a good state of mind. He appears as though he’s in a completely different world. He dropped the microphone towards the end, and one fan even pointed out that “there are obvious spots where he has pulled his hair out, and it’s making me so sad.” 

Although a few concert-goers were dancing along, a majority of the crowd remained still, and simply watched, as Post Malone continued to scream in distress.

There was another video, posted by user kait.jensen, from a different Post Malone concert that she went to. In this video, Post Malone is seen smiling at a microphone that fell, and he picks it up as if it were a baby. He then stands up and gives a small wave towards the crowd, while appearing to be in a dazed sort of state.

This clip has 7.8 million views, and once again, the comments were flooded with worried fans. One fan commented, “if post malone died, i’ll literally be heartbroken”, while another comment reads, “I’m so worried about him. I hope nothing happens to him, no one knows how much he’s impacted my life.”

Whether or not Post Malone is currently under the influence of drugs is not confirmed. However, compared to this 2018 clip of him performing Rockstar, the vibe in the Kansas City video is noticeably different, and much more intense.

We hope that his friends, family, and manager are able to check up on him, and we wish for him to have a long, happy, and healthy life.

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