Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Welcoming Their First Child Into The World

Credit: @OrlandoBloom on Instagram

On March 5, Katy Perry released her music video for her latest single, “Never Worn White”. The song talks about how grateful she is to have the man of her dreams, and that although she’s never “worn white” on an altar, she can’t wait to do so on her wedding day.

The song begins with the traditional wedding song instrumental, and transitions into lyrics about how Bloom makes Perry feel. In the first part of the video, she wears a long, flowy, white dress, and she’s surrounded by flowers, clouds, and everything pertaining to a wedding theme. She sings, “You took my armor off, and did it delicately”. 

She wants the world to know how she feels about her soon to be husband, and how incredible he treats her. “Never Worn White” is much different from her past releases, as this is more of a slow ballad. Her singles in the past have been upbeat, and have ranged from heartbreak and kissing a girl, to feeling like a plastic bag. It’s such a change to hear Perry performing this genre of music, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

Credit: VeVo/Capitol Records

The video continues, with Perry dressed in a floral dress. The dress is comprised of a bouquet of different variations of wedding flowers, as she professes her promise towards Bloom. It’s almost as if she’s singing her vows to him, as she says, “See us in 60 years with a full family tree. Give my blood, sweat and tears to reach our destiny.”

The visuals switch back and forth from her white, airy dress, to the floral dress. That is, until the last thirty seconds of the video. That’s when the viewers see a new angle of Perry. She’s in a white, more exposed dress, and she’s standing sideways. Her hands are positioned on her stomach, and that’s when she reveals that she’s pregnant.

Credit: VeVo/Capitol Records

She later took to Instagram live, where she admitted that fans can expect a “lot more releasing than new music”, and she flashed her phone towards her pregnant stomach. Before you watch the stream below, you might want to lower your volume, because her scream gets loud! Skip to minute 5:40 for the above mentioned clip.

The Never Worn White music video currently has 11 million views, and it’s number one on the YouTube trending page.

Congratulations to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom for getting ready to bring their first child into the world. We wish you both the best of luck within these upcoming months!

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