Here’s Why Nick And Vanessa Lachey Are The Best Reality TV Hosts

Credit: Netflix

Wednesday, March 4th, was the Love Is Blind reunion amongst the cast. The promo leading up to the premiere teased unfinished love stories, drama between Amber and Jessica, and a whole lot of awkwardness. 

It starts off with hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey introducing the former contestants: Jessica, Mark, Damian, Giannina, Kelly, Kenny, Barnett, Lauren, Cameron, and Amber. From the time that they filmed the season, up until the day of the reunion, the Lacheys admitted that over a year had gone by.

Credit: Netflix

Then, they start diving into who is still in the marriage, who reconciled, and who is currently single. The viewers learned that Barnett & Amber, and Lauren & Cameron are still married to one another from the experiment. The only three that are currently in a relationship, are Kenny, Damian, and Giannina.

Kenny is in a relationship with a woman who is not Kelly, but he explained that the experiment helped him “find the woman that he is with today.” The last thing that we had watched, involving Kenny, was when Kelly made the decision to say “I do not” at the altar.

Kelly admitted that although she had wished for her and Kenny to work things out, the experiment had taught her a lot of “self-growth”, and being with Kenny allowed her to see what she deserves in her future relationship.

Before each contestant’s moment to shine, Nick and Vanessa played a recap of what had previously happened in the season.

When it came time for Amber to talk about her and Barnett, Amber admitted that it was very manipulative of Jessica to talk poorly about Barnett to her one minute, and then try to flirt with him the next minute. Although Jessica had admitted that she was wrong in doing so, and that she was still figuring out her feelings at the time, Amber called Jessica “sheisty.”

However, once Jessica had apologized, Amber accepted, and they both moved on. I really admired the fact that Nick and Vanessa Lachey didn’t continue to press them about the issue, or force any type of drama to gain viewers.

Credit: Netflix

If this were The Bachelor, the producers would’ve conspired with the host to bring up a blast from the contestant’s past. If you haven’t seen this season of The Bachelor, then here’s what I’m talking about: Peter Weber went on a one on one date with Victoria Fuller, and during the date, Weber brought Fuller to a concert for a fun time.

However, soon thereafter, Fuller realized that the artist was none other than her ex boyfriend and well known country singer, Chase Rice. In the interviews following the episode, both Chase Rice and Peter Weber admitted that they were unaware about any of this, and that they were just as dumbfounded as the viewers watching at home.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey had every right to introduce a person, topic, or anything that would stir up drama between certain contestants. However, it was simply a light hearted, fun conversation for everyone. It was the true definition of what a reunion is supposed to be.

We learned about how Damian and Giannina bounced back, after Damian left her at the altar, and how they’re currently taking things at their own pace. They’re finding out so much more about one another, and the two admitted that they couldn’t be in a happier place.

Then, it was Diamond and Carlton’s turn to voice their opinions on the situation that happened in Mexico. As previously mentioned, it has now been a year since the incident in Mexico happened between the two, where Carlton threw profanities at Diamond, and she dumped champagne on him, before walking away from him forever. While showing the clip, Vanessa reached over to grab Diamond’s hand for comfort.

This scene came after Carlton was honest with Diamond, in regards to his sexuality, and how he’s been intimate with both genders in the past. Once Diamond expressed that she was annoyed, that he didn’t disclose that information to her before the engagement, Carlton voiced his frustration, and it went into a downward spiral.

Carlton ended up apologizing to Diamond at the reunion, and they both confessed to receiving a lot of hate, for the way that they both reacted in that clip. Carlton told Diamond that he still wanted her in his life, and Diamond said that although she would never be able to get back into a relationship with him, the connection that she had with Carlton was special.

Before moving on, Carlton got down on one knee, apologized once again to Diamond, and handed her the same ring that he had previously thrown in the pool. Diamond graciously accepted it, but it wasn’t what one might think. It was a friendship ring — a physical token of Carlton trying to make amends, and move past what had happened.

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Lauren and Cameron happily voiced that they’re both parents to a beautiful little fur baby, and that although Cameron has always been against getting a dog, he would have done anything for Lauren. He admits that his mother knew that Lauren was “the one”, after he told her that they were getting a dog. 

Mark also gave his input, when he stated that he was grateful for his experience with Jessica, and that he has very high respect for her. He stated that the experience has prepared him for his next relationship, and what’s to come, moving forward.

Aside from calling someone a “sheisty b****”, everyone was very composed and took criticism with such grace and poise. It was incredible to have seen how these contestants went from love and chaos, to pure professionalism and self growth.

They all proved that love is, indeed, blind, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for season two of Love Is Blind.

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