YouTubers, Sam & Colby, Receiving Backlash For Their Latest Paranormal Video

Credit: @samandcolby on Instagram

Sam Goldbach and Colby Brock are two very well known YouTubers. With 4 million subscribers, and roughly 2-3 million views per video, they’re quickly gaining more of an audience through each video that they post.

They’re best known for their haunted videos, in which they explore abandoned places and contact the spirit realm. 

However, recently, they’ve received some backlash for a video that was posted yesterday, titled: “The most horrifying night we’ve ever experienced”. The video is currently #4 on the trending page, and is the last one, out of their four part adventure series.

This series in particular focused on their best friend, Corey Scherer, and his quest to figure out why the “shadow demon” is haunting him. Sam & Colby have been known to contact entities in the past, with friends, Aaron Doh, Jake Webber, and Corey Scherer, but Scherer has always been weary in the past.

After playing the ouija board when he was sixteen, Scherer claims that a shadow demon has attached itself to him ever since. Their four part journey started at the Biltmore Hotel in Florida, and ended at Scherer’s house.

Sam Goldbach, Jake Webber, Corey Scherer, and Colby Brock. Credit: @coreyscherer on Instagram.

Although fans were excited to see Corey, Colby, Sam and Jake conducting a seance to contact the shadow demon, they were quite disappointed with how the video ended. They did manage to contact a spirit, but before they could go any further, they backed out of the seance once weird things began happening. Well… All of them, except for Jake Webber. 

Earlier in the series, Webber admitted to not believing that the paranormal was causing strange things to occur, and that there is an explanation for almost everything.

Fans were quick to point out that the other three should have followed in Webber’s footsteps, and remained calm. 

“It would probably have turned out way better if everyone was calm like Jake”, one fan commented.

Some people are even going as far as to petition for Jake to start his own series.

“Jake really needs to do this on his own because he’d be more logical at his approach to find actual evidence that the supernatural is real”, one person commented. This comment in particular amassed over one thousand likes, with other comments agreeing. 

They’ve also recently been under fire for selling their new XPLR Spirit Boards. Now sold out, their boards sold for $76.99. However, it wasn’t the price that got them in trouble, but more so the intent behind selling it. 

Some fans were upset, because they accused Sam & Colby of profiting from the boards, with no regard for the safety of their fans. They’ve also mentioned that Sam & Colby have allegedly warned others to never use the ouija board in the past, due to how dangerous it could be.

On Sam & Colby’s website, it did state that it was for decoration use only, but others are skeptical of what a spirit board is truly capable of unleashing. 

As of right now, they haven’t released a statement to address the situation, but stay tuned for any updates within the next few days. 

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