CO-VID19: Theories, Information, and What You Need To Know

CO-VID19, under a microscope. Courtesy: Medical News Today

The corona virus is slowly turning into a global pandemic, and it’s even getting so bad that it shut down Italy. The entire country of Italy is now under lockdown, and the stock market is continuously taking bigger and bigger financial hits. 

Washington, Florida, New York and Maryland are currently under a state of emergency, and 28 states have confirmed cases. As of right now, New York has the most confirmed cases of the CO-VID19 virus (142), and it is speculated that the state might go into lockdown mode if these rates continue to climb.

Hand sanitizer and surgical masks are getting wiped off of the shelves in every drug store, super market, etc., and companies in major affected cities are mandating that their employees work from home, to avoid getting infected on public transportation.

Hand sanitizer wiped clean from a local Target in Southington, Connecticut . Courtesy: Kaitlyn Troy

As important as hand sanitizer and washing your hands are, be careful with the type of hand sanitizer that you buy. According to an article posted by Business Insider, “An effective hand sanitizer has at least 60% alcohol content, but some products contain the alcohol substitute benzalkonium chloride, which isn’t as good at killing germs.”

The typical name brand sanitizer that you’re paying a lot of money for, may not be worth the price and time. Although anything 60% alcohol content and up is not guaranteed to kill the virus, it will definitely put you at a lesser risk. Also, for those who are trying to use vodka as a substitute for hand sanitizer, here’s a message from Tito’s Vodka:

As for surgical masks, you should only wear one if you’re infected with the disease, because while it keeps the germs from getting out, it doesn’t keep the germs from entering the mask, due to the air pockets. 

A lot of people are waiting on a cure for the corona virus, or for some sort of vaccine to prevent the illness. However, due to the fact that it’s a viral illness, a vaccine isn’t going to prevent people from catching it. Much like the common cold, your body must learn to create antibodies that will fight off of illness on its own. The CO-VID19 has also divided into multiple strains. So, even if the perfect vaccine were to be created, it would only be able to ward off a certain strain of the virus.

There are many theories that are currently being circulated, regarding the disease, and while I’m not going to detail every possible theory on the internet, I’ll certainly link a video to the channel that talks about them the most. I do want to preface that although some of these theories make sense, they are not confirmed. 

I would, however, like to mention an interesting theory that I saw on a YouTube channel, called Spill. This one in particular has to do with the fatality rate in China, and the unaccounted number of deaths. According to Spill, “on two separate occasions, two people shared strange photos of Coronavirus numbers, from Chinese media companies: Tencent QQ and NetEase. Both photos showed dramatically larger numbers of infected and fatalities.” She then goes on to say, that the same companies “later updated the photos to a much smaller number.”

Tencent later released a statement, in which they denied the validity of the photos, and blamed it on the photoshopping and technical altering by Chinese citizens.

There are also other theories in relation to undocumented death toll numbers, and misdiagnosed death certificates, but if you’d like to find out more about that, those specific theories start at 4:37 in the video below.

Once again, I’d like to state that these are all theories surrounding the virus, and while there is a lot of speculation, none of this has officially been confirmed.

Although you should still be mindful and cautious, if you’re young and in good health, then your chances of defeating the CO-VID19 are extremely high. However, it is highly recommended that those over the age of 60, and those with underlying conditions, should remain indoors as often as possible, as they’re more at risk for the detriments of the virus.

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