The Bachelor Finale: Part One… Spoilers, Cliffhangers, And Multiple Finascos

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Last night was the first part of the two night finale of The Bachelor, and a LOT happened. So, let’s get right into it.

It started off with Chris Harrison talking to the live studio audience, before redirecting to the big screen with part one’s episode.

This episode was all about meeting Peter’s family and going on one final date with each of them, before deciding who to give the final rose to.

However, much to no one’s surprise, this plan didn’t go as Peter had hoped, and everything fell into shambles.

First, Hannah Ann went to meet the Weber family. Immediately, there was such a warm welcome from them, and especially from Peter’s mom. Keep that in mind, because that note will be important later on. 

Hannah Ann got to express to Weber’s family, how much she loves and cares about Peter. Barbra Weber (Peter’s mother) admitted that Hannah Ann and Peter reminded her of Barbra and Peter Sr.’s early dating days. 

Barbra Weber as a teen (left) vs. Hannah Ann (right). Credit: @bachelor.spoilers on Instagram

It was a relatively easy meet and greet between them all, and Barbra even comforted Hannah Ann when she began to shed tears, at the mere thought of losing Peter to someone else.

After Peter had said goodbye to Hannah Ann for the day, he walked back inside to get his family’s opinions. Everyone seemed to adore Hannah Ann. Right off the bat, Peter’s mom admitted that she could see how much Hannah Ann loved Peter, and she believed that Hannah would treat him right. 

Peter Sr. and Jack Weber (Peter’s brother) both agreed that they could absolutely see Hannah Ann fitting into the family. 

Peter, of course, took that really well, and then the discussion shifted to Madison. Peter expressed to his family what had happened with the intimacy situation in the fantasy suites, and how Madison was hesitant to move forward, due to her beliefs. The Weber’s didn’t take that situation lightly, and they were nervous that if Peter chose Madison, she would try to change who he is. 

The next day, Madison showed up to the house that Weber’s family was staying at. Although, Peter did keep Madison outside for a bit, until they had a proper discussion. Madison finally admitted that she’s in love with Peter, and Peter tried to communicate with her to get her to stay. Once she agreed, Peter was all smiles, as he lead her into the house to meet his family.

Although Hannah Ann’s meet and greet went fantastic, the family was having a hard time warming up to the Auburn, Alabama sweetheart. This wasn’t the first time that Weber’s family had met Madison  — They had met during Madison and Peter’s one-on-one date. However, it was a few nights before one of these girls would get engaged to their son/brother, so it’s expected that this would have been a more serious meet and greet.

Jack pulled Peter aside to question him, while Barbra pulled Madison into another room. Jack questioned Peter’s ability to remain abstinent until marriage, if he were to choose Madison, and this annoyed Peter. He admitted that intimacy wouldn’t be a complication if he was in love with that woman. He wouldn’t mind waiting until marriage. Although Jack continued to weigh out the negatives, Peter’s patience grew thinner and thinner.

Meanwhile, Barbra questioned their compatibility, and Madison answered truthfully. She stated that although they have their differences, she’d like to think that they could help each other grow and flourish throughout their relationship. That’s when Barbra started to interrogate Madison about her intentions towards making Peter feel “guilty”, and giving him an “ultimatum”. Rather than sugar coating it, Madison was honest about her faith, and declared that she wasn’t going to change herself or her beliefs for anyone.

After Madison left, we finally found out who Barba was crying over in the “don’t let her go” promos that were shown all throughout this season. She was crying over Hannah Ann, and she begged Peter to choose her over Madison. While the whole family favored Hannah Ann, Barbra confessed that Madison wouldn’t treat him as well as Hannah Ann would, and this didn’t sit well with Peter. 

He stood up for himself, and for Madison. He claimed that nobody in the family knows the type of connection that he has with Madison, and that they were only seeing a slice of the pie. He then asked Barbra to stop crying, because it wasn’t fair towards his decision, and she was making things more complicated for him.

The next day, Peter had his one on one with Madison. They went for a plane ride around a sacred rock, and then went for a beautiful picnic lunch in the outback. However, things took a turn for the worst when Madison brought up their differences, and she admitted that although she loved Peter, it wasn’t fair to him for her to continue being there; especially, if they won’t end up being compatible, outside of the fantasy realm that they were currently in. 

She ultimately made the decision to send herself home, and Peter was absolutely heartbroken. 

The following day was the day before the final rose ceremony. It was his last date with Hannah Ann, and although she tried to make a good impression on him, his mind was elsewhere. When she confronted him later that night, he admitted that he still wasn’t sure about his feelings, and he also failed to admit to her that Madison had left.

Chris Harrison revealed towards the end that Madison will be reappearing for tonight’s episode, and that “anything can happen.” 

The second part of the season finale airs at 8 PM, only on ABC. 

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