The Bachelor Finale, Part Two: Family Drama, The Ring, and The Final Choice

Courtesy: ABC/The Bachelor

Last night was the last part of The Bachelor finale, and we finally got to know how Peter’s long and exhausting journey ended.

Chris Harrison introduces the show, and along with introducing Peter’s family in the crowd, we see that Kelley Flanagan is in the crowd. 

Then, we entered into part two of the episode, where Peter decided that Hannah Ann Sluss was “the one”. Although he was still upset that Madison left, he felt like everything happened for a reason.

So, he met with Neil Lane to pick out a ring for Hannah Ann, and then FaceTimed Hannah Ann’s father, to ask for his blessing to propose. Once his blessing was approved, Peter got ready for the big proposal.

However, things took a turn when Chris Harrison admitted that Sluss wasn’t sure that she was going to show up, and this leads to the finale promo that we’ve seen all season.

Peter expressed that he felt like he was “going to pass out.” Hannah Ann still had no idea that Madison had left. So, she most likely assumed that Peter was either going to choose Madison, or that he was still unsure about his feelings.

Eventually, Hannah Ann did show up, and she put her whole heart into Peter’s hands. Once again, Peter wasn’t fully honest about his unresolved feelings towards Madison, and decided to tell Hannah Ann that Madison left, just seconds before proposing.

Of course, Hannah Ann accepted the engagement, and the two embraced, as Peter handed her the final rose.

Everything seemed to be heading in the right direction. The next scene involved Peter telling his family that he chose Hannah Ann. All of them (especially his mother) got very emotional, and during a FaceTime call between the Webers and Sluss, they welcomed her into the family with open arms. 

Everything was working out in his favor.. until about a month into the engagement, when they admitted to barely talking for that month. Sluss was also in Knoxville, and Weber was in Los Angeles. However, when Sluss finally went to talk to Peter in person at his house, Peter admitted that his heart was still torn between her and Madison.

Naturally, Sluss didn’t take this well, and she handled the situation like a mature adult. She didn’t scream, and she didn’t hit him. She simply verbalized her feelings, and it ended with her taking the ring off and calling off the engagement. Peter tried to follow her out to talk to her, but she simply ended the discussion, got into the car, and left without saying another word. Even Peter admitted that he deserved everything that she had said. 

Ultimately, the bachelor ruined Hannah Ann’s first engagement, and he strung her along with his inconsistent emotions. 

After Hannah Ann broke things off, we returned to the live stage setting, where Chris Harrison brought Hannah Ann out to confront Peter. She spoke to him and expressed herself with such dignity and grace, and I have to give her a lot of praise for that. She admitted that she didn’t appreciate him holding back his conflicted feelings until after the engagement. Sluss felt like a second choice, and as though she was completely blindsided. 

Sluss also exposed Peter for contacting Hannah Brown during their engagement period. She stated that he needed closure, but by him reaching out to Brown, it involved a third party into their already-struggling relationship.

After they wrapped up their conversation, the episode continued, with Chris Harrison visiting Madison in Auburn, Alabama. Madison admitted that she still had strong feelings for Peter, and that she wanted to give it another chance. So, Harrison made the sneaky decision to fly Madison out to surprise Peter at his house. 

They ended up reconciling, but they didn’t give confirmation as to whether or not they were going to continue their relationship. That is, until Chris Harrison brought Madison onto the stage. Madison and Peter admitted in front of the live studio audience that they had strong feelings for one another, and that they were going to take things slowly. 

However, Peter’s parents (more specifically, Barbra Weber) didn’t handle that announcement too well. Although she does care about her son, a lot of viewers weren’t too happy with how she presented herself. “Peter needs to fail to learn how to succeed”. The crowd immediately boo’ed that response, and Peter defended Madison.

Barbra wasn’t the only Weber that spoke ill of Madison. Peter Sr. spoke his mind as well. Although, were his words really his own thoughts, or was he pressured into saying negative things about Madison? Before Peter Sr. had the chance to speak, Barbra uttered a sentence at her husband in Spanish. Many fans heard the same sentence: “Di algo mal, también, ayúdame”. This translates to, “Say something bad, too. Help me out”.

Although Madison remained calm throughout the negative backlash from Peter’s parents, she defended their relationship towards the end. She stated that, “This is my journey too. This isn’t just Peter choosing me, but this is me choosing Peter.” 

1:00 – 1:30 to view Madison’s response to Barbra Weber.

Where their relationship will end up going… That’s for Peter and Madison to determine. 

Here’s to hoping that love can conquer even the toughest of mountains, and hopefully, Peter’s family can accept his happiness.

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