COVID-19: A Message From Italy To The U.S

Credit: Nothing Familiar Travel/Monica Ring

Recently, we’ve learned that Italy was on a country wide lockdown, and that’s all the media seems to be talking about right now. 

However, nobody from the U.S seems to know the severity of this virus, and the numbers that associate with it.

Recently, I reached out to a few people that I personally know who live in Italy, and who are currently experiencing this COVID-19 virus, first hand. 

According to the first source, Margy, thousands of people are getting infected each day. This illness is spreading like wildfire, and it’s not just a “flu like cold.” Everyone is staying indoors, and the streets of Italy are wiped clean. She also stated that due to the fact that medical professionals are contracting the virus, and the number of confirmed cases exceed the number of available hospital beds, doctors will soon have to make the choice of who gets treated, and who must have to fend for themselves.

The way that the media is portraying this, is equivalent to the flu, and it’s so much more than just that. 

Margy also sent me a screenshot of the updated numbers on the news in Italy, and the number of confirmed cases are 10,590. The number of deaths have risen to 827. 

(Update: The death toll has since reached over 1,000 since this morning).

Yesterday, Italian influencer, Chiara Ferragni, posted a photo of her wearing a surgical mask. Below, she wrote a length caption, stating “This is to fully explain the situation to my foreign followers, who clearly don’t understand the situation here in Italy at the moment: IT IS BAD. We have more than 10,000 cases, and more than 600 deaths.” 

She then proceeded to explain the same thing that Margy had mentioned. “The hospitals are doing all they can, but if the number of sick doesn’t slow down, they’ll have to start choosing, based on how young and likely to survive they are.” 

She also posted a Go Fund Me link on her Instagram story, where people can donate to. Their donations go straight to the San Raffaele intensive unit in Milan, to provide the necessary equipment for creating new beds, and taking in more patients. 

Update: As of approximately six minutes ago, Chiara posted the following to her Instagram account:

Another direct source that I spoke to, was Betina Sterie. She stated that a few weeks ago, the government came out and announced that there were only “50-60” that had confirmed cases, and nobody really paid attention to it, since the numbers weren’t high. However, now that the confirmed cases are 10,000+, she said that this quarantined lockdown happened too late, and that things are continuing to get worse.

All of these Italians want people in the U.S to take the necessary precautions, and prevent the outbreak from advancing to where they are right now.

(Update: As of 3:11 p.m EST, Betina shared update information about the virus in Italy)

Fear mongering is not going to stop the virus, and neither is acting like the virus doesn’t exist. Be proactive. Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds, use 60%+ of alcohol based hand sanitizer, take Vitamin C, and please remember to cough into your sleeve; not into the air, or into your hands.

We still have time to take precautionary measures, and remember that if you have any of these symptoms, please get checked by your doctor. Tom Hanks did, and he and his wife are currently being quarantined in Australia, after testing positive for the virus. 

Symptoms range from most common, to least common. Courtesy: WHO – China

If you’d like to make a donation to the Go Fund Me page, please visit:

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