7 Best TV Show/Movies To Watch When Quarantined:

The Office has a GIF for everything, doesn’t it?

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is spreading like wildfire. People who have it are either quarantined in hospitals, their own homes, or they haven’t exhibited symptoms yet, and are unknowingly spreading it to other people.

Regardless, everyone is in a panic right now, and stores/supermarkets are looking like Black Friday every day now. 

Although the pandemic is scary, in times of distress, it’s always good to have some positivity to fall back on. So, instead of watching the news 24/7, here are my top 7 television shows/film recommendations to watch, while staying at home. 

Courtesy: Disney
  1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

On Disney+, one of the best shows to watch is The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I know, I know. “It’s a kid’s show. Why would any grown person want to watch that?” Well, for one thing, it’s Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Between Riverdale’s mystical Jughead, and the All Wise Meadery business man, the Sprouse twins have always kept things interesting.

The Disney Channel show also premiered during a time of innocence, when TikTok didn’t exist, blackberry phones were still popular, and the annual field day was still going on. It was an era of happiness, serenity, and simple humor. The jokes weren’t overrated, and nothing in that show was forced for views. You could watch it with a peace of mind, and bring yourself back to your childhood. The COVID-19 virus won’t have to exist in your mind for about 24 minutes an episode.

Courtesy: WarnerMedia

2. Friends

Another great show to watch (and you may have guessed it) is none other than Friends. You can never go wrong, watching that show. Between Chandler’s sarcasm, Ross’s whining, and Joey’s relatable food cravings, that show will bring you back to the early 2000’s.

The best thing about the series was how relatable each character was. You always knew somebody that you could send a Friend’s meme to, with the caption, “lol, this is this so you”. 

I’d say the only stressful thing about that show was whether or not you think Ross and Rachel were truly on a break. If you and your friends have opposing opinions on that one, then good luck, Charlie. That show ruins friendships. Ironic, huh? 

Although Netflix has unfortunately ended their streaming contract with Friends, you can watch it for free on Nick at Nite, at around 10 pm or so. However, if you don’t feel like waiting, I’m sure that you could find all of the episodes online. 

Courtesy: Paramount Pictures

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

One of the greatest movies of all time has to be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. No matter when you were born, I’m sure that at some point, you’ve either “faked being sick” or you’ve done something to get out of going to classes for a day. 

Ferris Bueller is all about getting out of school for a day. He has an elaborate plan, and teaches the audience how to fake sick. Actually, I should probably mention that his parents were gullible from the get go. So, I don’t recommend trying his method at home, because your parents might just laugh at you and tell you to get dressed for school. 

There are also many obstacles that he goes through: getting his girlfriend out of school, convincing his best friend to let him take his strict father’s precious convertible, and tricking the principal into believing that his parents called in sick for Bueller. The writing, the humor, and everything about this film is genius. I guarantee that it’ll have you so invested, that you’ll forget all about this virus for the next hour and forty minutes. 

Courtesy: Warner Brothers Entertainment

4. Yes Man

Another comedic film that’s sure to get your snorting like a pig, is none other than the 2008 Jim Carey movie, Yes Man. It follows Carey’s character (Carl, a bitter bank worker), who meets a motivational speaker at a conference, and challenges Carl to say yes to everything for a year. The reasoning for this is due to Carl’s habit of saying no to anything and everything.

Though reluctant at first, Carl agrees, and the requests get more and more ridiculous as time goes on. 

I don’t want to spoil the movie, but one of the requests involves an elderly woman asking for something, um… rated r, to say the very least. 

As long as you meet the proper age requirement, I highly suggest watching Yes Man. It’s currently available on Netflix. 

Courtesy: Netflix

5. One Day At A Time

A newer show that’s currently streaming on Netflix is the 2017 remake of the 1975 television show, One Day At A Time.

The show is about a Cuban mother, trying to adjust to her children living the American culture. Their grandmother, Lydia, also lives in the apartment, and in my opinion, her humor makes the show a comedy.

They portray realistic situations (such as the daughter coming out as a lesbian), with realistic outcomes (such as her mother and grandmother having to adjust to her lifestyle). It’s emotional, yet it will make you cry tears of laughter. You’ll be gaining abs by the time you finish the season. 

 There’s also a lot of Cuban dancing, and even if you’re not Hispanic, the family situations that are shown are still very relatable to most people. 

 One Day At A Time is coming out with season two on March 24th, and will be streaming on PopTV.

Courtesy: Nickelodeon

6. Victorious

Whether you existed when live episodes were on Nickelodeon, or you came across the show on a streaming platform, you have to know  the show, Victorious. It combines two of the world’s favorite things: music and visual entertainment.

Much like the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Victorious was written during a time when it didn’t take much to make people laugh. First there was Cat Valentine: a sweet, but incredibly dumb redhead. It always took a minute or so for her to register what others were talking about, and she was always judged and ridiculed by outsiders, for her lack of common sense.

Then, there’s Jade West. West is an arrogant, scary looking woman. She almost always got what she wanted, and if she didn’t, then she found a way to make others pay for it. I’m pretty sure that the only reason the group hung out with her, was because they were all afraid of her.

Speaking of Jade, her boyfriend, Beck is a stunner. He had movie star hair, an incredible style, and he was the complete opposite of Jade. 

Next, there’s Robbie and Rex. Robbie was a straight edge nerd, and Rex was his puppet that can talk.

André was calm, cool, and his songwriting ability was incredible. The boy could write a song in one night’s time, and have his lyrics memorized by the next day. He’s also talented both through singing, and playing the guitar. His grandma, on the other hand, had major paranoia issues, but you’ll have to watch to find out more about that.

Finally, there’s Tori and Trina Vega. Tori was accepted into Hollywood Arts, because her sister Trina’s tongue swelled up, and she couldn’t perform at the big showcase. Tori is the main character of the group, and the show mainly focuses on her journey. Trina was even worse than Jade. She’s arrogant, annoying, and has the voice of a squawking duck. 

Between the 9 of them, they make this show worth watching. It also has some really great music, and you’d be impressed with their flexible vocal ranges. 

You can watch all seasons of Victorious on Netflix.

Courtesy: ABC

7. The Bachelor: Season 24

And my favorite comedy television show that I recommend watching, is the most recent season of The Bachelor. The amount of drama and emotions that the contestants emitted truly made this the most comedic season of the series. Even the contestants themselves admitted that this season was overdramatic for absolutely no reason.

Whenever one of the contestants cried, Peter Weber gave them a rose. Whenever they were sensible and stayed out of drama, they were sent home. The season ended with… well, I’ll let you figure that out on your own. However, I’ll say this. It was the most emotional, complicated, cringeworthy season finale. Yet, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. 

Certain contestants definitely deserved to stay on longer, and others should have gone home sooner. Though, ultimately, that was Peter’s decision. The most that the viewers could have done was yelling at their screens, and creating memes for that night’s episode. It’s very safe to say that the memes for this season were quite hilarious, and even contestants like Mykenna Dorn and Kelsey Weier poked fun at memes of themselves. 90% of the contestants were such good sports, but of course, there had to be that select few that fueled the fire.

You can watch Peter Weber’s full journey, only on the Hulu app. 

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