5 Celebrities Who Posted Relatable COVID-19 Content

Courtesy: Yuri Hasegawa

Although the COVID-19 virus is very serious, and very real, it’s always great when we go on social media and see things that make us laugh. I don’t mean those memes of people making fun of the elderly, or anyone else dying, because that’s extremely insensitive. 

I’m referring to when celebrities post clips or gifs about having to be quarantined, or anything that provides some comedic relief, during this terrifying time.

  1. Miley Cyrus
Courtesy: Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

I think it’s safe to say that Miley never fails to come through with the Hannah Montana memes. First, it was her singing “The Best of Both Worlds” in the car. Now, she’s posting different clips of COVID-19 related content. 

Two days ago, she posted a clip from the Hannah Montana episode, “Got To Get Her Out of My House”.

The video is of Miley Stewart wearing a mask, as she cleans Jackson’s bathroom. She starts screaming, “Ahhh, get it off!”, when his contaminated towels fall on top of her face. Then, she proceeds to thoroughly wash her face.

Cyrus captioned the Instagram video, “Day 2 Quarantine. This is the REAL ME. RIGHT NOW.”

She also posted another relatable Hannah Montana snippet, of Lily Truscott and Oliver Oken carrying a bunch of shopping supplies into Miley’s house, as she proceeds to tell Jackson that she bought all of that stuff, because it was an “emergency”.

Cyrus followed up that video with a caption that all of us needed to hear: “NO ONE needs every soup in the store. The more we hoard, the more expensive and sparse necessities will become, leaving many without essentials…”

2. Cardi B

Courtesy: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Cardi B’s Instagram videos have been keeping a lot of us laughing through this dark time. Whenever Cardi B says anything in general, she says it in a way, where you’re bound to laugh. I mean, “okurrrrrr”, and “yowwwww”? If anyone besides Cardi says it, it’s strange. 

Well, about six days ago, Cardi B posted the first of three COVID-19 related videos on Instagram. The first one talks about how she’s scared of the virus, and how people need to start taking this virus seriously, because, “this s*it is real”. She also mentions that everything we own comes from China, but I don’t want to add more fear to the boiling pot, so I won’t get into that. 

Although it’s entertaining to watch the way she says “corona virus”, she’s getting others to listen. She’s telling people to be cautious and take it seriously, which we 100% should. 

The next video that she posted was a day after the first one, and talks about how things are getting too real. She admits that she’s scared, and might “move to the islands” to get away from this. Towards the end of the video, Cardi speaks the truth: “Spread the word. Don’t spread the germs”. 

That’s it. That’s the new 2020 slogan.

3. Paul Butcher

Courtesy: IMDb

Do you remember Zoey 101? If you do, then you definitely know who Paul Butcher is. He played little Dustin Brooks on the hit Nickelodeon show. 

Recently, Butcher took to Instagram to post a throwback scene from Zoey 101. In the scene, Dustin is talking to Zoey’s roommate, Dana. He asks where his sister is, and when Dana says that she doesn’t know, Dustin admits that he’s feeling a bit sick. Before he’s able to finish his sentence, however, Dana slams the door in his face and goes back into her room.

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Watch a learn people 🖐🏼🚪🛑 @ms_kris__

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Honestly, I think we’re all feeling like Dana at this point. If we’re in the supermarket and someone coughs, you know we’re all going to be watching to make sure that person covered their mouth. 


Courtesy: One’s to Watch

Right now, we’re all trying to stay away from this virus and quarantine ourselves. The best way to keep ourselves entertained is either by binge watching shows/movies, or by discovering new music. Well, Fletcher didn’t fail to impress.

The “UnDrunk” singer recently released her newest single, “Forever”, and it’s a bop. Not only did she release the song, but she also released the music video on her YouTube channel, and the female empowerment is so strong. The song revolves around being young and having fun, but knowing who you want to be with in the future. It’s about being in love with a specific person, but being honest, and knowing that as of right now, you can’t commit to them. However, down the line, if they’re willing to wait, then you’re certain that you can see “forever” with them.

The video gives off such a sensual vibe, and the song itself is very upbeat. The motions are quick, and the dances that are portrayed make you want to get up and move. The video features women with different body types/ethnicities, as they surround Fletcher and move their hands all across her body. I’m impressed with how in sync all of the dancers are, and it’s great that Fletcher is providing a platform for all types of women to showcase their talents. 

She went on Instagram live earlier today, and she admitted that she wrote it about two years ago, and joked that the chorus predicted this whole situation. “I think I could love you forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. I don’t think think we should be together, together, together right now.” She said that it kind of predicted the fact that she’s not going to be with anyone right now, due to everyone’s COVID-19 social isolation.

Go watch the “Forever” video, when you get a chance. It’ll have you starting your own personal dance party, in the comfort of your own room.

5. Ashley Tisdale

Courtesy: Maury Phillips/WIREIMAGE

Not only was she the reigning queen of Disney’s High School Musical, but she’s now the queen of TikTok. That’s right. Miss Sharpay Evans is back, and better than ever.

Ashley Tisdale has been posting a lot on TikTok, and she currently has about 3 million followers. Most recently, she posted her reaction of a fan’s TikTok. In the video, we see Donald Trump, uttering the words, “We’re all in this together.” The TikTok then switches to two girls with a surgical mask and gloves on. They begin to do the High School Musical dance to the song, “We’re All In This Together.” 

Naturally, Tisdale laughs, and earlier today, she posted a video on her Instagram of her dancing to the song as well. She captioned it by saying, “If you need to work out while #selfquarantine, try this. Hopefully this will brighten your day a little!”

Ashley, I’m proud to say that you did NOT disappoint. Go follow her on TikTok, if you something to keep you in high spirits.

And, before I close out this article, I wanted to include a special video message, by none other than Lizzie McGuire herself: Hilary Duff.

Courtesy: Instagram

If you’d like to see a part two, involving YouTubers and more celebrities, let me know by tweeting me: @Frequentea. Until then, stay safe, and stay positive!

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