This YouTuber Hosted A U-Haul College Party During A Global Pandemic

Courtesy: @ryantrahan on Instagram.

While we’re all self quarantined, we can always count on YouTube for some quality content. Whether it’s something funny, something stupid, or something downright dangerous, YouTube has it all.

YouTuber, Ryan Trahan, is known for uploading original content, as well as for starting popular trends. He currently has 2.4 million subscribers, and up until recently, he’s been very unproblematic.

However, about a week ago, Trahan uploaded a video, titled “Hiding A College Party In A U-Haul Truck”. He went to a university (the name is unknown) and started passing out flyers to random college students.

Probably not the smartest idea, considering that the World Health Organization is requesting social distancing and banning large gatherings. 

Around 3 minutes into the video, Trahan is seen passing a flyer to one student, who is visibly sick. He’s blowing his nose into a tissue, and states that if a certain drink is there, then he’ll be at the party.

He then sends his friends to pick up supplies, and to no one’s surprise, when it’s time for the party, the line is wrapped around the block. About a thousand people ended up arriving to the party, and Trahan tries to fit as many people as he can, at a time, into the U-Haul. 

Everyone was dancing close together, and playing the same games. This meant touching the same piñata stick, balloons, cups, and during certain points, the door to the truck was completely closed. 

Considering that the COVID-19 virus can be spread through water droplets in the air for up to 2-3 hours after exposure, closing the door was possibly the worst thing that Trahan could have done. 

While I’m sure that it was fun for everyone physically present, the comments had a different reaction towards this video.

“He has officially made a corona virus hotspot”, one user commented.

In theory, was this a good video idea? Yes. It was very unique, and very original.

However, was it smart to conduct this during a global pandemic? Absolutely not. While it’s understandable that YouTubers need quality content to maintain views, I’m sure that Trahan’s fans would have preferred him prioritizing his health, above anything else. 

Hopefully, all of the college students (as well as Ryan) are staying safe, and are now social distancing themselves. 

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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