Tyler Cameron & Hannah Brown: Reunited At Last

Courtesy: Mark Bourdillon/ABC

A few days ago, TMZ shared a video of former bachelorette, Hannah Brown, being picked up at the Palm Beach international airport by former bachelorette contestant, Tyler Cameron. 

While they didn’t post about it immediately, Hannah Brown did post a video on her TikTok page (@hannahkbrown), where Tyler, and 3 other men were dancing to “Savage” by Meg the Stallion. Halfway through, the men exited the frame, while Hannah Brown and 3 other girls finished the dance.

She also tagged another account, called “The Quarantine Crew”, in which Hannah was doing the infamous “flip the switch” challenge on TikTok. She was dancing with two other women, and then halfway through, they turned the light off. Once the lights came back on, Tyler was in Hannah’s place, wearing her clothes. 

They captioned the video, “BREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants”.

It was absolutely hilarious, and the comments were flooded with fans pointing out how happy Hannah looks with Tyler.

Earlier today, Tyler and Hannah posted on Instagram that they were both going to go on Instagram live for an at home fitness workout. This was mainly to help everyone get up and move, as well as to get everyone’s mind off of the current negative situation that’s going on with the COVID-19 virus.

The session was led by celebrity trainer, Phil Fit, and consisted of a variety of exercises: butt kicks, planks, push ups, jumping jacks, squats, and more.

At one point during the livestream, when Tyler and Hannah were doing push ups, Tyler looked over and made eye contact with Hannah. Some fans took note of that, and assumed that it was a flirtatious look. However, it was most likely just Tyler’s way of ensuring that Hannah was doing alright during her workout. 

It turned out that she was struggling a bit (she still made it further than I could have though), so she ended up doing the modified version. Modified or not, Miss Hannah Brown was killing it out there. 

Even former bachelor, Colton Underwood, was watching Cameron’s livestream. “I have a six pack just by watching this”, he  commented. So do we, Colton. So do we. 

The group then took a break, which allowed for Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron to shout out some fans on Instagram live. Cameron ended up butchering the first name that he tried to greet, so he let Brown take over. Once again, Underwood commented, trying to get Tyler’s attention.

Unfortunately, he didn’t succeed, as they quickly got back into their positions to continue their workout. They were punching the air, and Cameron took that moment to playfully go at Brown. While nudging her, he jokingly said, “Remember that time you didn’t give me a rose?”. Well, Brown came back at Cameron with some playful punches, and declared, “remember that time you took my suitcase?”

Afterwards, they were all jogging in place, and that’s when Cameron’s dog ran over and started play biting his ankles. It was absolutely adorable.

Speaking of his dog, Brown accidentally got a shoe full of dog feces, while doing one of the exercises, but she managed to laugh it off like a good sport.

The livestream was about a half hour, and it’s well worth the watch. Cameron hasn’t posted it onto his Instagram timeline. So, for now, you only have 24 hours to watch the livestream, before it gets deleted.

Whether Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are dating, continues to be a mystery. However, for now, we’re just happy that their friendship is thriving. 

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