Charlie D’Amelio Apologizes Over Insensitive TikTok

Courtesy: @charlidamelio on Instagram

Famous TikToker, Charli D’Amelio has recently faced some backlash from the cosplay community for one of her most recent TikToks.

A video was posted a few days ago by her and her close friend, Madi Monroe, where they’re seen dancing to a slower version of “Like That” by Doja Cat. The video wasn’t just any dance, however. They were doing a “POV” (point of view) of the way that cosplayers move. Although, according to Charli, it wasn’t their intent to bully the cosplay community, the video got a lot of negative backlash.

“She is mimicking the way cosplayers move as a joke. It’s bullying”, one user commented.

Another user, by the name of nerdy_c0splayer posted a TikTok, reacted to D’Amelio and Monroe’s video. While looking extremely disappointed, the user wrote, “This made me so sad. You guys are role models for kids, and with this video, you’re telling them that ‘it’s fine to make fun of others’. Before you post something like this, please keep others feelings in mind.”

The Cosplayer reaction starts at 1:00 and lasts until 1:14.

D’Amelio admitted that she was on a plane back to Connecticut, when she received all of the backlash, and that she didn’t get a chance to read it until after she got off of the plane.

That’s when she hopped on TikTok to post her apology. “I just got off the plane to the cosplay community not being very happy with me.” She goes on to explain what the video was about, for those who haven’t seen it, and then proceeds with her apology. “I did not mean for it to ha[pen that way at all. I was not trying to bring down anyone. I respect and love all types of content creations… I’m so sorry if you thought that I was trying to bully or bring you guys down.. That is not what I stand for. I’ve learned from what happened, and it will not happen again.”

Many of the comments towards D’Amelio’s apology was fairly positive. “Thank you for apologizing”, one cosplayer fan commented. D’Amelio commented back, saying, “of course! You all deserve it and thank you for educating me on the cosplay community. I respect you all so much for what you do!”

However, there were also a lot of fans who didn’t see anything wrong with the video to begin with. Someone left a comment, saying, “Ya’ll making this girl apologize over nothing”, to which D’Amelio replied, by saying, “It is not nothing. It was not okay to have happened in the first place. Everyone including me needs to respect what other people enjoy.”

After D’Amelio apologized, it was Madi Monroe’s turn. Monroe posted a TikTok in a car, where she said that she didn’t know that it was offensive, and that she did it because she saw a lot of other people doing it. However, she also stated that it “didn’t justify what she did.” Monroe then goes on to say that, “I respect you guys so much. I know you guys are saying that I’m losing all my cosplay fans, and I am very upset about that, because I think you guys are very creative, and I love you guys so much.” She ended the video by apologizing to the people she hurt, and promising that she would never intend to bully or mock anyone on TikTok.

After that, it seemed like everything cooled down and returned to normal, because they were back to posting their usual TikToks within no time.

It seems like they’ve learned from their mistakes, and are being more cautious as to what they post on the platform, towards their young fans.

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