Madison Beer Gave An Instagram Live Concert, and Over 20,000 Fans Attended

Courtesy: Samuel Alemayhu

Madison Beer hopped on Instagram live yesterday afternoon, and all I can say is wow. 

She stated that English singer, Rex Orange County, inspired her to go on live. Beer began by reading some of the incoming comments and talking to fans, before performing some of her incredible songs. It wasn’t an official concert set up; like Charlie Puth or John Legend. However, those live vocals were enough to soothe any anxiety/worries that you may have had.

Beer sang a beautiful rendition of her new single, “Selfish”, with a karaoke track to support her vocals. The harmonies that she did with the backing track had fans swooning. She proved that she doesn’t need autotune, or any mechanical alterations added to her voice. Much like Ariana Grande, her vocals are most raw and powerful when sung naturally.

She sang so beautifully, that it even caught the attention of High School Musical’s own Ashley Tisdale. “Please sing hurts like hell!”, the actress commented. Even Beer was surprised that Tisdale was a fan of her music.

“I’ll sing anything that your heart desires. If you want, I could even sing Fabulous. I know all of the words”, Beer happily responded. She then proceeded to sing the chorus of High School Musical 2’s hit song, Fabulous (originally performed by Ashley Tisdale). In the midst of singing the song, Tisdale commented once again, with extreme excitement.

Afterwards, Beer went on to do a cover of “Wish U Were Gay” by Billie Eilish, in response to a fan request. I think we’re all waiting to see Billie’s reaction to that, because Beer did that song justice. She hit every note, and sang with full passion and emotion. The song was a request from a fan, and the entire comment section was flooded with heart eyes, and positive praise towards the 21 year old singer.

Then, after the Billie Eilish cover, Beer realized that her phone was dying, and she made a clever remark. “I’m gonna plug my phone in, or else we’re gonna be… dead soon. Alright. Um, I said it. So, we’re gonna do it.” This referred to her popular single, “Dead” that was released back in 2017.

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Her voice I can’t 🥺😍 @madisonbeer #madisonbeer

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She quickly transitioned into performing “Dead”, and she went all in. She treated this song as if she were on tour with a stadium full of people. Different harmonies, high notes, and a powerful chorus was what made the song complete. The comments turned into a live version of Genius lyrics or AZ lyrics. Fans were typing the next lyrics, and after Beer held a fake microphone to the screen for fans to “sing” into, they were quick to respond with the corresponding lyrics. 

Once that song ended, Madison wanted to guest someone on the livestream. So, she guested Eddie Benjamin. Benjamin is Maddie Ziegler’s boyfriend, and naturally, Ziegler also made a surprise guest appearance on the livestream. However, it didn’t last for more than a few minutes, before both Madison Beer, and Maddie/Eddie had to end the livestream, due to technical difficulties with the service.

Overall, Beer was on the livestream for quite some time, and she didn’t fail to disappoint her 26,000 fans that tuned into the spontaneous virtual concert.

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