Kian Lawley Turned The 10 Pushup Challenge Into A Charity Challenge

Courtesy: @kianlawley on Instagram

Recently, a new challenge has surfaced around social media, and for once, it’s a positive challenge. The rules are simple: Record a video of you doing ten push ups, and then tag ten people to do the same. The purpose is to inspire those at home, that the gym doesn’t have to be open in order for you to get up and move. There are simple exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

About two days ago, however, YouTube star, Kian Lawley, posted a video on his Instagram story. He stated that he wanted to do more than just a simple push up challenge. He wanted to do something to give back, and to help people going through these challenging times. 

So, Lawley started the charity challenge. He picked the charity of No Kid Hungry, and donated $100 to help children receive food during these trying times. “I’m challenging everyone at home to do the exact same. A: Pick a charity.  B: Donate. It’s not about how much you donate. It’s just about donating, and helping those in need”.

Lawley then tagged some of his well known friends to do the challenge, and they didn’t disappoint. Later on that day, popular singer Lauv (best known for his hit single, “I Like Me Better”) posted to his Instagram story. He chose the organization, Partners In Health, and then explained that the organization is helping people all around the world with the COVID-19 response. 

Freeform’s Party of Five lead actress, Emily Tosta, also participated in the challenge. She chose the same charity as Lawley (No Kid Hungry), and went into more depth about what the organization does. She stated, “They basically just help all of those children that don’t have access to meals, due to the corona virus.”

Everyone who participated tagged a few of their closest friends, and since almost all of them have large social media platforms, the challenge is being spread like wildfire. They’re coming together to face this adversity, and unity is something that we should all be participating in. 

Kian, we applaud you for starting this, and we look forward to seeing many others continuing this chain reaction of kindness. 

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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