The New “One Day At A Time” Season Premiered Last Night, and It Did NOT Disappoint

Courtesy: @onedayatatimepop on Instagram

The current version of “One Day at A Time” (based on the 1975 television show) premiered its first three seasons on Netflix. After the third season, however, Netflix announced that the show would be cancelled. 

Fans of the show were furious, and tried calling Netflix and hashtagging “SaveODAAT” on Instagram/Twitter, to save the show. While it didn’t work on Netflix, PopTV was quick to pick up the show. 

The series continued onto its fourth season, and the first episode made its debut on PopTV last night. 

Right off the bat, the cast shaded Netflix. Alex Alvarez (the son)  was flipping through channels through channels, when the family asked him if he found anything to watch. “There’s nothing good on Netflix anymore.” The writers were very strategic about that one, and it was absolutely hilarious.

The episode went on to feature none other than the star of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Ray Romano. Romano played the role of a census worker, who came to collect voting information from each member of the family.

While Elena Alvarez (the daughter) was ecstatic about giving him info, Penelope Alvarez (the mother) was not. She was asked if she was married, to which she said no. Then, she was asked if she had a partner (same sex or heterosexual), to which she once again said no. 

Later on, Lydia Alvarez (the grandmother) was talking to Penelope about her late Tia Chuchi. Chuchi apparently died without a partner, and her funeral was “fairly empty”.  That’s when anxiety set in, and Penelope tried to date again, so that she wouldn’t end up dying alone, like Chuchi.

Lydia has a way of adding humor into the show, while the rest of the family tries to be more practical and realistic. She speaks her mind without a care in the world, and that’s what makes her character so entertaining to watch.

Throughout this episode, we also learned that Elena and her significant other, Syd, were planning to break up before college. They didn’t want to “be like the other couples” who do a long distance relationship.  

Although other subplots/storylines happened in between, the main focus of this episode was to show that while being single can be lonely, relationships can also be complicated. It’s okay to be single, because it shows that you’re strong, independent, and you can work on loving yourself first. Likewise, it’s okay to be in a long distance relationship, and to “be like other people”, as long as both partners in the relationship are happy with that decision.

In my opinion, this series is amazing, because it shows what a Cuban household is like, while also portraying issues, such as: being a single mother, being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, using non binary pronouns, and relevant issues that current millennials may go through. Although it’s meant to be a comedy, “One Day At A Time” also serves as life lessons towards anyone that may need it.

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