Peter Weber Reunites With Former Flame, Kelley Flanagan

Courtesy: ABC/The Bachelor

This season of The Bachelor ended with Peter Weber getting engaged, un-engaged, and then getting into a new relationship with runner up, Madison Prewett. They announced on live television that they were going to take things slow, and then posted on Instagram several days later that they had split for good.

While Prewett was out hanging with popular singer, Selena Gomez, Weber has remained fairly quiet on social media. 

His ex-girlfriend (and former bachelorette), Hannah Brown, was recently in Florida, visiting ex-contestant from The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron. A lot of people were quick to assume that the two were dating again, but according to sources close to the pair, for now, they’re just friends. Who knows what could happen in the future though. So, hopefully they aren’t ruling the dating possibility out.

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Do y’all think they are back together?

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Many fans were waiting for Weber to comment on the situation, but he didn’t, and now we know why. Recently, TMZ captured some photos of Weber and former contestant of The Bachelor, Kelley Flanagan, getting cozy in Chicago. 

Courtesy: TMZ
Courtesy: TMZ

It was later posted on Reality Steve’s Instagram story, which helped Bachelor Nation fans find out about the story.

We haven’t seen much of Flanagan since Weber eliminated her, instead of the much anticipated elimination, Victoria Fuller. Flanagan, however, did make a brief appearance in the crowd, during the season finale. 

Chris Harrison says that it’s “important” that Kelley was there… Could that have been a hint towards what’s currently going on?

She was also the only contestant that had met Weber prior to The Bachelor season (they met in the lobby of a hotel), and is followed on social media by all of Weber’s family (including the infamous Barbra Weber).

Earlier in the season, one of the common fan theories (other than Weber ending up with his producer) was that he would bring Flanagan back, and she would be his final choice. Of course, that didn’t happen, but the future is uncertain. 

There’s no definitive confirmation as to whether or not Weber and Flanagan are officially dating. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up together in the long run. 

Regardless, we wish them both the best, and hope that they’re all staying safe during these trying times. 

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