Cardi B Called Out Celebrities For Taking Advantage of COVID-19 Tests

Courtesy: @iamcardib on Instagram

Two days ago, Cardi B posted a video message for all of her followers to see. No, it wasn’t another humorous video of her saying “corona virus”. This one wasn’t intended to be funny, or comedic in any way.

She starts off by admitting that celebrities are receiving special treatment during this COVID-19 pandemic. “Number 45 is on the podium, saying that if you don’t show symptoms of the corona virus, then you can’t be tested, because we have limited testing supplies.” Cardi then goes onto state that, “if you’re a celebrity, and you say, ‘hey, I don’t have symptoms and I feel healthy, but I went and got tested, and I’m positive for the corona virus’, that’s going to cause some confusion.”

Cardi B makes a valid point, because many celebrities have been using the tests towards their advantage. They’ve not only been able to test without proper symptoms, but they’ve also been able to receive their test results the next day. Meanwhile, the working class, and anybody in between has to wait about eight days after showing symptoms to even get tested, and four days after getting tested, to receive their results (this applies to people under the age of 30).

Anybody over the age of 40, according to Cardi B, will get tested right away, but (as mentioned above) must wait an additional four days for their test results.

The main reason that celebrities are able to sneak around the medical system, is mainly due to money, and how much they’re willing to pay for fast results. Cardi B was raised in the Bronx. So, she knows first hand what it’s like to be a part of the lower/middle class in society.

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She also goes into depth, in regards to living situations. “They will make you quarantine in your house, and you’re only allowed to go back to the hospital if your symptoms worsen. I don’t feel like that’s right, because not everyone has the luxury to go in their big a** bedroom and live in a big house. A lot of people live in small a** apartments, with a lot of people. So, if you sending me home and I have the corona f*c*ing virus, I’m most likely gonna give it to my spouse, my kids.. anybody that’s around me.”

She ends the video by blaming the government for not taking the virus seriously in the first place, and pleads for the higher powers not to charge anyone if they test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Most of the time, due to wealth and massive Hollywood egos, it’s tough to relate to celebrities. However, in this case, Cardi B. spoke the truth, and her 61.2 million followers were all in support of the message that she spoke. Many of her fans were thanking her for speaking out about the issue.

One fan even commented, “Cardi for president. Do a better job than Trump!” Honestly, if Cardi B. decided to run for president, she’d have my vote.

Cardi, thank you for using your platform to spread awareness, and to stand up for those who need testing more than others.

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