Happy 10 Year Anniversary To The Nickelodeon Hit Show, Victorious!

Courtesy: Nickelodeon/Victorious

If you’re a 90’s/very early 2000’s baby, then you most likely remember the popular Nickelodeon show, Victorious. It aired every week at 8 p.m, and it was during the era when DVR and streaming services were still pretty much non-existent. 

Well, today is the official 10 year anniversary from when the series first premiered on Nickelodeon. Several cast members already took to social media, to post about the anniversary.

Daniella Monet was the first one to post about it on Instagram. She played the role of Trina Vega (Tori Vega’s untalented sister) on the show. Monet posted a picture of the main cast, and wrote a lengthy, heartfelt caption. “The last time we were all together. I miss you guys, I miss Victorious, nick on sunset, I miss laughing all the time, getting nervous before run throughs, our cute little dressing rooms…” She then goes on to share some fond memories that she had, involving the other cast members (such as vacations, concerts, and pranks). Monet ends the caption by stating that, “most of all, miss seeing you guys every day. Cheers to our 10 year anniversary. What a show, what a cast. Love you guys.”

Immediately, fans rushed to the comments to show their endless love and endearments towards the show. One fan commented, “I’m crying. You don’t even know how happy all of you made me when I was younger. You’re a huge part of my childhood/life and I will never forget this show.”

While fans were showing an outpour of support, some former cast members (Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, Leon Thomas, and Liz Gillies) weighed in on the post as well.

Victoria Justice (Tori Vega) left a bunch of hearts, and Avan Jogia (Beck Oliver) commented that the post was beautiful, and that he missed Monet as well. Leon Thomas (Andre Harris) also announced that he missed Monet. 

Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine) and Liz Gillies (Jade West) had longer responses, however. “Oh boy. Miss u. Miss u all and everything u mentioned so much. So so much”, commented Grande. Gillies admitted that she was almost in tears from reading the caption, and that the “feeling couldn’t be more mutual.”

After Monet posted her throwback photo, Grande posted ten old cast photos, herself. “Ten years of Victorious”, her caption began. She then goes on to blame Monet for her long, sappy caption. “Jus want to say how grateful I will always be for being on this show, and for those years of my life.” While a majority of the caption is emotional and heartfelt, she did include a humorous bit about her former character, Cat Valentine. Grande’s character was meant to portray a dumb, innocent redhead. She claimed that people are forever going to haunt her about it, and that she couldn’t believe people thought that Grande spoke in the same tone as her on screen character.

What’s even more hilarious is that Kourtney Kardashian left a comment on the post. “We watch Cat Valentines daily over here and I thought that was your real voice”. Of course, Grande responded with a sarcastic comment. “@kourtneykardash … blocking u.” Grande then decided to leave another comment, just in case her sarcasm didn’t register through the internet. “Jk love u. that’s sweet. but jesus christ.” 

Last, but not least, Victoria Justice posted about the anniversary a few hours after Grande did. 10 years of Victorious!!!”, she started off with. “… it feels like it was just yesterday.. I’ll never forget how I cried at our first table read. This show changed my life, & I’m so grateful I got to share it with this amazing, insanely talented group of people.” Justice posted a series of behind the scenes photos (some of them have never been released before) from the show, and it brought back so much nostalgia.

Between celebrating ten years of Victorious, and celebrating fourteen years of Hannah Montana, it really makes you feel much older than you are. 

Matt Bennett (Robby Shapiro) has yet to comment on the anniversary, but if he does, we’ll be sure to include an update right here. So, keep checking back for the latest news!

Update (March 28, 3:24 a.m): Matt Bennett posted a tribute to the cast on Instagram, and the entire cast shared a screenshot of a zoom call. The call involved the entire main cast of Victorious, along with Eric Lang (Professor Sikowitz) and creator, Dan Schneider.

Schneider shared a one minute clip of the recorded video conference on Instagram, and the entire cast looks ecstatic. There appears to be no bad blood between any of the cast members, and they resemble one big happy family.

According to Schneider, the cast was planning on reuniting in person for the ten year reunion. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, they decided it was best to host a virtual get together.

Fans went absolutely crazy at the sight of the cast reuniting, and they brought back so much nostalgia from our childhood.

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