Jamie Lynn Spears Created The Zoey 101 Challenge

Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Within just this week alone, Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram live with Emily Osment, the cast of Nickelodeon’s Victorious celebrated their ten year anniversary with a zoom video chat, and Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt featured Ned’s Declassified star, Devon Werkheiser, for some quarantine survival tips.

Most recently, however, Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey from the TeenNick television show, Zoey 101) took to TikTok to post a Zoey 101 challenge. The challenge consisted of various dance moves to a remix of the theme song.

For the most part, the dance moves appear to be doable. Spears even did the dance with one of her daughters. She wanted it to become a challenge, and within no time, it started to catch on. 

Fans of the show started duetting Spears on TikTok, and it even carried on to Instagram. “The only good thing about this quarantine are the nostalgic posts of disney and nick, so THANK YOU”, one user commented.

Paul Butcher saw the challenge and decided to spread the trend across Instagram/TikTok. Butcher played the role of Dustin Brooks (Zoey’s younger brother) in the series. 

He posted the TikTok dance on Instagram, with the caption: “Did the #Zoey101challenge with my big sis Zoey. I think PCA needs a dance squad, don’t you?” 

Butcher also noted that the whole cast should post a dance for the Zoey 101 challenge, but none of the former cast members responded.

However, when Spears posted her dance onto her Instagram timeline, a few members of the Zoey 101 family commented. Erin Sanders (who played the role of Quinn Pensky) said that she “loved this challenge”. Yet, when Spears asked Sanders to post a video of her doing the challenge, she didn’t respond. 

Chris Massey (who played the role of Michael Barret) hyped the challenge up, and stated that he “would be down for this. I love it!”. Although she didn’t comment directly, Abby Wilde saw and liked the challenge. Wilde played the role of Stacey Dillsen on the show.

We still have yet to hear from the rest of the cast, but hopefully, we see more nostalgic videos from them in the near future!

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