LilHuddy Reportedly Cheated On Charli D’Amelio, And A Diss Track Was Made

Courtesy: Instagram

Recently, rumors have surfaced about Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy) cheating on Charli D’Amelio. Both TikTok stars met in October of 2019, and their relationship flourished from there. 

In February, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hudson admitted that although he and D’Amelio were exclusive and very into one another, they were trying to take things “as slow as humanly possible”, before putting a label on their relationship.

Within the past few weeks, since California went into a state of emergency over the COVID-19 virus, D’Amelio went back home to Connecticut, to quarantine with her sister Dixie, as well as their parents.

While she was away from the Hype House, rumors started circulating that Hudson sent a text to Nessa Barrett, and invited her to the Hype House for some alone time. 

Barrett is currently dating Josh Richards — member of The Sway House (the Hype House’s rival). Rather than responding back to the text, Barrett informed her boyfriend of the situation, and things got ugly. While the official texts have not been released, Richards collaborated with YouTuber/Sway House member, Bryce Hall, to create a diss track towards LilHuddy. 

The track is called, “Still Softish”, and currently has over 7 million views. Richards confirmed that the situation did, in fact, happen, and they proceeded to say that Hudson never really loved D’amelio, because he was too busy talking to other girls.

A few days ago, Richards uploaded a vlog on YouTube, and in the video, he can be seen confronting Hudson. He looks nervous, and he’s wearing a sweatshirt with the hood over his head. However, Richards tries to play it cool, and admits later on that he decided to drop the drama.

That didn’t seem to stop fans from targeting Hudson, and wondering about what D’Amelio thinks about the situation. 

Although she hasn’t directly said anything, relating to the breakup, D’Amelio was caught retweeting/favoriting a series of heartbreak tweets. 

Some of the many heartbreak-related tweets that Charli favorited.

It all started when her mother, Heidi D’Amelio, took to Twitter to post this statement: “Here for the one that got hurt while y’all were focused on getting revenge on each other”. Charli retweeted that, and many fans assumed that she was talking about the diss track situation. 

Hopefully, Charli is able to get her mind off of the current situation, and is focusing on spending time with her family in Connecticut. Maybe in the near future, she’ll make a direct statement about the breakup. However, that’s solely her choice.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

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