Tana Mongeau Faces Backlash For Her Recent MTV Episodes

Courtesy: Instagram

Tana Mongeau, 21, is a popular YouTuber, best known for her storytime videos and controversies. Between getting cheated on by former boyfriend, Brad Sousa, marrying/divorcing ex-husband, Jake Paul, and facing many scandals, Mongeau has gone through quite a year. 

Mongeau’s popularity reached an all time high in 2019. So much so, that MTV decided to give Mongeau her own show. The first season was called: Tana Turns 21, and was meant to follow her journey towards the day that she finally becomes legal. 

Right now, season two is airing on MTV’s YouTube channel. However, since her 21st birthday has already passed, the show is now called: Tana Mongeau.

Two weeks ago, episode four aired, and it landed Mongeau in some hot water with her fans. The episode followed the YouTuber, as she went to the doctor for an ongoing cough that she had. Her manager, Jordan Worona, wanted to ensure her health and well being. So, although reluctant, she agreed to get checked.

Mongeau went to a lung specialist, and fans were quick to comment about the way she treated the medical professionals. Though, she stated in the car with Worona that she had PTSD from visiting doctors, due to her childhood, people saw that as an excuse.

While the nurse was taking her blood pressure, Mongeau ripped the velcro off of her arm, looked at the nurse, and said, “Can you take this off of me? Oh my god. I can’t do this. My arm literally hurts so bad”.

“The way she treated the nurse who was simply trying to take her blood pressure was disgusting”, one user commented.

After the doctor listened to her lungs, he diagnosed Mongeau with asthma. She was prescribed an inhaler, but during the car ride back home, admitted to Worona that she wasn’t going to use it. “It’s not a big deal. Asmtha is better than Tuberculosis”, she stated.

Another viewer stated that Mongeau should be taking her diagnosis seriously — especially since the COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system.

While that episode received a lot of negative backlash, the episode that aired last week (Tana and Jordan’s Biggest Fight Ever) received just as much hate.

In this episode, they got into a fight about Mongeau being two hours late to set, due to her oversleeping. Worona claimed that he was being yelled at by producers, and was made to look bad. Meanwhile, Mongeau claimed that she wasn’t feeling well, and after agreeing to push the call times back, he called her the next morning and yelled at her for being irresponsible.

This episode showed a lot of attitude and disrespect that Mongeau was throwing at her manager, and the comments certainly pointed that out.

Erica Bellile commented that, “Jordan should just quit. He’s not her dad… Girl grow up”.

After the most recent episode, Mongeau spoke out on Twitter, about the “careless” reputation that she’s getting, due to her show.

“All the things we all said (for 400 hours) about these topics didn’t make mtv’s cut. video coming soon explaining EVERYTHING so hopefully i can move on & use my platform to help the world rn instead of having to do this”, she tweeted. 

She also tweeted about her best friend, Trevor Moran’s sobriety, caring about mental health and recovery, and she stated that her intention was never to discredit asthma.

Mongeau has a lot of explaining to do, but hopefully her upcoming video will answer all of the fan questions/concerns. 

Be sure to stay tuned for when the video drops!

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