Daisy Keech Is Suing These Hype House Co-Founders

Courtesy: Instagram

If you don’t know who Daisy Keech is, she is one of the co-founders of the infamous TikTok Hype House. While a lot of people may accredit the title of “co-founder” with Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), or former Team 10 member, Thomas Petrou, Keech had a lot more involvement than one may think.

Several days ago, Keech posted a video on YouTube, titled, “Truth about the Hype House”. In the 22 minute long video, she explained that she collaborated with Petrou and Hudson to create a “content house”. They all put down money for the downpayment on the house. Hudson and Keech each put down $18,000, and Petrou was only able to put down $5,000.

That’s when they started receiving a lot of press attention. One of the first outlets to interview them was The New York Times. That’s when things took a turn. Keech was 20 years old at the time, and while Petrou was already known, and Hudson had a manager to push for him to speak, Keech got wiped under the rug. 

“I was 20 years old, and it was my first interview, so it was intimidating. I had no idea to speak up and to say that I was a co-founder. I kind of already assumed that Thomas and Chase would have given the other co-founders — Not just myself — credit… During the New York Times interview, Thomas and Chase completely took over.”

She then admits that she regrets not speaking up and setting an example for other female business women in her position. 

Keech then admitted that she confronted Petrou about the situation, after not mentioning her or the other co-founders in future interviews that Keech was unable to attend. 

Then, later on, Keech received a call from her lawyer, who reiterated the situation, and how it was important for Keech to speak up and declare herself a cofounder. 

As time passed, Keech confronted Petrou again, and this time, Petrou responded by removing access for Keech to see important emails. “We had no idea what brand deals were coming, and whether they were paid or not. He claimed that the Hype House has made no money. Yet, he’s bragging about the $8,000 cartier bracelet that he bought, a $10,000 cat. He’s talking about buying a new Tesla.”

Keech also mentioned that he “loves to tell people what to do, and when to do it. He loves to have power.” Back in February, YouTuber, FaZe Rug, uploaded a video where he went to the Hype House to make TikToks with some of the most popular people on the app. 

One of the people that Rug collaborated with was none other than Hype House member, Dixie D’amelio. Before filming the TikTok, D’amelio admitted that she hadn’t filmed a TikTok in a week, and Petrou wouldn’t let her eat until she finally made one. 

The Dixie D’amelio clip starts at timestamp 11:00.

Due to getting a lot of hate from fans, Petrou uploaded a TikTok of his own, re-enacting the situation. Dixie featured in it, and they hinted that the whole thing was just a joke. However, whether or not it’s true is still unknown.

Keech then proceeded to mention how Petrou made sexist comments about her behind her back, and continued to manipulate her and lie to her about the things that he was doing. He allegedly belittled her, and made her feel as though she wasn’t an intelligent business woman.

Petrou also decided to host a major music video production at the house, without consulting Keech, the landlord, or any of the other Hype House founders. Keech said that this could have ended badly for her, since they didn’t receive permission to host a huge production in the house, and her name is on the lease. 

After confronting him a few more times, Keech was soon kicked out of the Hype House, and Petrou forced the other house members to unfollow her on social media. This was all unbeknownst to Keech, and according to her, people in the Hype House are “afraid of Petrou”, because if they speak up, he could make the decision to kick them out in a heartbeat. 

Keech ended the video by sharing some tips for her followers: “Listen to red flags… When it comes down to business, dial down your percentage in the company, before you contribute your assets.”

She thanked Petrou for hurting her in the way that he did, because this situation pushed her to stand up for herself, and to be a role model for her younger fans.

Fans in the comments were all so supportive of Keech, and what she had to say. One fan, by the name of Kristina Lenkowsky, stated that, “When my kids ask what a strong woman is- I will be showing them this video.”

According to an article by Forbes, Keech is now planning to sue Chase Hudson, and Thomas Petrou.

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