Peter Weber Is Social Distancing With Kelley Flanagan

Courtesy: ABC/The Bachelor

You may have seen the pictures that TMZ and Reality Steve posted last week. However, if you haven’t, here’s a refresher:

Courtesy: TMZ

Season 24 Bachelor, Peter Weber, was photographed in Chicago, with former contestant, Kelley Flanagan. He held her over his shoulder as he ran back and forth near a pier.

Flanagan is currently followed by Weber’s entire family on social media, and fans were speculating as to whether or not the two were an official item.

Early this morning, Weber confirmed that he and Flanagan were, indeed, in quarantine together, when he posted a video on his main Instagram timeline. The video showed Weber sitting on a couch, eating a cookie and reading hate comments on his latest TikTok video.

Weber recently made a TikTok account, and he only has two videos thus far. One video is the “flip the switch” challenge, and the other is a humorous dance to Roddy Ricch’s infamous song, “The Box.”

Although Weber turned his Instagram comments off, it didn’t take long for fans to repost screenshots of the video onto their own Instagram timeline. One fan noticed that the apartment in the background looked very familiar, and it was confirmed when Weber decided to tag Flanagan in the video. 

Yesterday, the Instagram account “Bachelornation.Scoop” posted a TikTok of Weber and friends doing an infamous TikTok dance. It’s unknown who’s TikTok account the video was originally posted to, but if you watch until the very end of the clip, you’ll see that Flanagan is the last person to do the dance.

Considering the two have been spending quite a bit of time together, playing card games, doing TikTok dances, and hanging out in Flanagan’s apartment alone, could it be a “quarantine and chill” type of situation? Or, do you think that it’s just a really close friendship that the two have? 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but when it happens, we’ll be sure to let you know. 

Until then, stay inside, take lots of vitamins, and happy TikTok-ing.

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