Jimmy Fallon Teamed Up With These Celebrities, For The Tonight Show: At Home Edition

Courtesy: NBC/The Tonight Show

Recently, Cyrus uploaded the finale episode of her “Bright Minded” Instagram show, and Jimmy Fallon was one of her guests. 

The segment was very wholesome, and the two introduced their dogs, and they received a majority of the screen time. 

Then, Fallon complimented Cyrus about her show. He admitted that she did such a good job, and it looked very legit. However, Cyrus did say that, “You do have one thing that I don’t have. You have “The Roots”. What’s it like working with them every night?” In case you’re unfamiliar, “The Roots” are Jimmy Fallon’s house band. They’re infamous, and have won several Grammy awards. They’ve also been featured in various movies, have played for artists, such as Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Robin Thicke, Mariah Carey, and more. 

Fallon explained that, “The thing I love about them is that they’re up for a challenge. They’re always asking to do different song versions, or different genres. They just love music so much.”

The conversation then switched to Fallon complimenting Cyrus, and her mannerisms towards his crew. “The week that we had you, you were so nice to every single human on the staff, that my whole crew would drop everything to work for you.” Cyrus responded, by saying that when this virus ends, and things can go back to normal, she’s going to “borrow” Fallon’s crew for her show.

The livestream didn’t go on for much longer, but for good reason. Later that same night, Cyrus was going to be featured on Fallon’s “Tonight Show: At Home Edition” of his NBC talk show.

Although Fallon’s show is incredible to see on screen, nothing beats seeing it live. I took my mother to see the show about a year ago, because she was a huge fan of him. He didn’t disappoint. He put all of his energy into the show, and he even gave my mother a hug at the end of the show. Fallon seems like an incredible man, with a genuine heart. So, I’m sure that it was hard for him to do a virtual show, instead of performing in front of a live studio audience.

However, he still gave his all during the “At Home Edition”. 

During his show, Fallon performed a monologue, followed by his usual “thank you” note segment. However, he had two special guests helping him with the segment, and that was none other than his two little daughters. 

One of them worked the audio, while the other swiped to the next “thank you” slide. It was the most adorable, wholesome thing to watch. 

Fallon then interviewed Cyrus, and they talked about a range of topics, from the intimate Instagram live Bright Minded episodes, to why Cyrus decided to start Bright Minded in the first place.

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According to Cyrus, she started it to connect, interact, and talk to people. She thought of the show as comforting and positive.

They also talked about throwback songs, and how during past concerts, Cyrus would have her fans text her song suggestions for her setlist.

Fallon also brought out the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actress, Rachel Brosnahan, as well as musical artist, Lewis Capaldi.

The “Someone You Loved” singer performed his latest hit, “Before You Go”. That song is so emotional, and even if you’ve never experienced heartbreak before, it has you connecting so deeply with the song.

If you like Capaldi’s style, you can find his latest album, “Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent”, on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and Apple Music. 

Fallon’s show ended with a beautiful show of New Yorkers clapping from their windows/balconies. The clapping symbolized their appreciation for all of the first responders and healthcare workers, fighting the frontlines to keep everyone safe. 

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