Riverdale Star, Vanessa Morgan, Shares An Important COVID-19 Message With Fans on Instagram

Courtesy: The CW/Riverdale

Right now, people are going crazy. They’re emptying shelves full of toilet paper, food, and they’re washing their hands so much, that they most likely have cracked skin. 

However, one thing that people are still unsure of are masks. When the virus first emerged in the US, many cleared shelves to wear masks. People assumed that if they wore masks and gloves, then they were automatically protected from the virus.

The WHO (World Health Organization) made an official statement after seeing the panic, and stated that masks should only be worn by symptomatic, or confirmed cases. According to them, masks will not prevent the virus from entering a healthy person.

However, as of recently, the WHO (as well as the CDC) turned around and retracted that statement. Although they emphasized that masks should be prioritized for essential workers, they also announced that masks should be worn by the general public to decrease the spread of the virus, and that you can even make your own homemade masks. According to the WHO’s website, “Wearing a medical mask is one of the prevention measures that can limit the spread of certain respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.”

Yesterday, Riverdale actress, Vanessa Morgan, took to her Instagram story, to share a picture of her wearing a mask. She captioned it: “I’ve been wearing masks since January. People would debate me saying, ‘you know masks don’t do anything, right’… it’s common sense. Of course they protect you from a respiratory virus… Really funny how the WHO now says we need them when they see the virus is getting out of hand because they have been downplaying it.”

Morgan also followed that up with a second photo, in which she shares information about where she got her “hard shell N-95 mask”. She was also sure to state that after buying masks for her and her family, she donated some of those masks to healthcare workers at hospitals.

The O2 Curve masks are made by a Canadian company, called O2 Canada. Although on their website, company CEO, Peter Whitby, stated that, “we achieved filtration efficiency of 98.6% against PM2.5”, he was also blunt and honest with these hard facts. 

“No mask is capable of protecting you 100% against any other dangerous substance or virus.  In particular, the Coronavirus is a new virus that is not yet fully understood.  We cannot and we expressly do not guarantee that our masks will protect you against the Coronavirus.”

The mask is, however, readily available for $69.00 USD, and while the company is Canadian based, it is able to ship to the US, China, and of course, Canada.

I would like to disclose, however, that Morgan made a small hiccup in her post about the mask. After reviewing the O2 Canada website, it’s confirmed that although their masks appear durable and well compacted, it is NOT certified as an N95 mask. According to a section, written by Whitby, the O2 Curve passed 2/3 of the mandated N95 tests.

If you’d like to purchase a mask, you can head over to: https://www.o2canada.com

Please buy at your own discretion, and be sure to check the WHO website on how to properly disinfect the mask in between uses. 


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