Dixie D’Amelio Forced To Confirm Her Sexuality

Courtesy: Zusha Goldin

Originally, it was famous TikToker, Charli D’Amelio, that’s been making headlines for her complicated relationship status with Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy). 

However, as of just a few days ago, her sister, Dixie, posted a video on TikTok that’s gaining a lot of attention.

On January 28th, Dixie posted a TikTok of her dancing to “Hit tha Roof” by Speed Gang. In the video, she was wearing a black and white baggy sweatshirt, and lip syncing to the lyrics, “Ohhh ohhhh. Like baby girl what it do. 23 with a bad attitude. Just trying to stick my tongue in you. So baby let’s hit tha roof”.

Dixie captioned the video, “I know this made u feel some type of way…”. Well, it didn’t take long for fans to start assuming the influencer’s sexual orientation.

“Ok so dixie hits different and is now giving me bi vibes and i don’t know how this makes me feel 😳”, one user commented. 

The comment section was flooded with fans either agreeing with the fact that Dixie gives off “bi-sexual energy”, or fuming at how ridiculous those assumptions were.

TikTok user, Fiza, left this comment: 

“@makeupby_fiza: Yall are really judging her off a 15 sec vid”.

Later that same day, she posted another TikTok with well known Hype House member, Ryland Storms. It started off with D’Amelio lip syncing in the same outfit to Orange Soda, by Baby Keem. The lyrics are a bit R-rated, but the beginning starts off with a man describing his lust for a woman.

Because Dixie decided to lip sync that specific part of the song, the comments were once again flooded by assumptions, such as: “is she… you know…”, or “is this a coming out video?”

Dixie never responded to any of those comments, and within the past month or so, she was posting flirtatious TikToks with Sway House member, Griffin Johnson. While more than half of her fans were “shipping” the two together, a handful of fans tried to accuse Dixie of using Johnson as a “cover up” to hide her true sexuality.

A few days ago, however, Dixie had enough with the rumors, and decided to put a stop to them once and for all. She uploaded a TikTok, in which she was lip-syncing to the lyrics “I mean she likes boys and girls…”. While she mouthed the word, “boys”, she didn’t mouth the word “girls”, and honestly, her comment on the video was pretty sad.

D’Amelio commented below, and with this message for her fans: “had to clear up this sound since all of the videos from it were making wrong assumptions about me 🙂 ”. This was Dixie’s way of having to verbally confirm that she is, in fact, straight.

People were absolutely baffled at the fact that some of her fans drove Dixie to confirm that. “I’m really sorry you had to make this”, stated @kamehalani.

Fans also assumed that Dixie wasn’t straight, because she had decided to dye her hair blue, during an Instagram livestream.

Unfortunately, D’Amelio wasn’t the only celebrity forced to confirm that they were straight. Shawn Mendes and Kendall Jenner have also faced excessive pressure from the public in the past, regarding their sexuality.

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