Lili Reinhart Updates Fans On The Status Of Her Dog, Milo

In mid-February, Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart, posted a picture on Instagram, where she announced the newest addition to her family: an adorable furry rescue dog named Milo. Milo was rescued from the Furever Freed organization in British Colombia, Canada (the same province in which Reinhart films CW’s hit show, Riverdale).

Since then, we’ve gotten glimpses of Milo through Instagram stories and feed posts. In every post, Reinhart appears to be such a proud dog mom, and it’s clear that Milo is constantly showered with love and affection.

On March 29th, Reinhart posted an adorable outdoor photo of her holding Milo, and captioned the picture: “Quarantine family portrait”. As difficult as quarantine/social distancing may be for the average human, dogs like Milo are having the time of their lives right now. They get to have their owners home to cuddle and play with them, almost 24/7.

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Quarantine family portrait 📷

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Yesterday, however, Reinhart took to her Instagram story to post an emotional series of videos. In her story, she tearfully explained that she was taking Milo on a walk outside (masks and gloves included, of course), when a larger dog ran up and attacked him. According to Reinhart, he had a deep puncture wound on his neck, and Reinhart was filming alone, because he was in the middle of emergency surgery at the vet.

“I’ll keep you guys updated on how he’s doing, but keep him in your thoughts, please”, she asked fans.

Thankfully, earlier today, Reinhart posted a more positive update, regarding the status of Milo’s health. She started off by thanking everyone who reached out to her with positive comments about Milo. “He’s okay. He’s home with me. He had surgery. He had a-a big puncture wound that’s stitched up.”

She then explained that he was on pain medication, and that although it was extremely traumatizing for the both of them, he’s being extra cuddly, and he’s “doing surprisingly well.”

Reinhart also admitted that Milo may have trust issues with dogs in the future, and that they may have to work on regaining his trust and faith in other dogs. 

However, Reinhart was quick to stress that Milo’s future interaction with dogs is not her main concern right now. She would much rather continue to focus on his health, recovery, and these adorable Milo cuddles.

We’re happy to hear that Milo is doing alright, and we wish for him to have a healthy and speedy recovery! We’re sending our best wishes to Lili Reinhart at this time.

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