This Big Time Rush Iconic Couple Reunited, 11 Years After The Show’s Premiere

Courtesy: Nickelodeon/Instagram

If you were an Avid Nickelodeon watcher in the late 2000’s, then you might be familiar with Big Time Rush.

The show followed a group of best friends from Minnesota, as they moved to Los Angeles, to pursue their musical passion. 

James Maslow (left), Carlos PenaVega (middle), Logan Henderson (middle), and Kendall Schmidt (right) // Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Along side of Logan Henderson, Carlos PenaVega, and James Maslow, was Kendall Schmidt. Schmidt played the role of the stubborn, yet level headed Kendall Knight.

While music and comedy were prominent themes in the show, romance became just as important, after Jo Taylor entered the picture. Taylor (played by actress/musician, Katelyn Tarver) acted as Knight’s continuous love interest on the show.

The two were even shipped by fans as a couple in real life. However, according to them, they never dated, outside of the show.

Kendall Schmidt is currently in a long term relationship with Micaela von Turkovich (Mica), and Katelyn Tarver is married to husband, David Blaise.

Five days ago, Schmidt posted the latest episode of his Instagram series: Koffee With Kendall.

This particular episode was special, because Kendall’s guest was none other than Katelyn Tarver. First off, let me just say that they haven’t aged. Both have the same baby faces that they had on the show (minus Kendall’s facial hair, of course).

The two talked about Big Time Rush memories, shared some behind the scenes photos, and they even exposed some secrets. Tarver mentioned that she was cracking herself up behind the camera, during the “Big Time Goodbye” episode. For those of you who may not have seen the episode, Jo leaves Los Angeles to take a movie role in New Zealand. Kendall and Jo are forced to breakup, but Jo leaves the PalmWoods hotel, without giving Kendall their signature “goodbye kiss”.

This is when Kendall rushes to catch Jo at the airport before her flight takes off, and James, Carlos, and Logan follow closely behind. After they get their goodbye kiss, the boys start to sing/dance to a heartbreak song, called “Worldwide”.

Tarver gushed that the reason she found this particular scene hilarious, was because the camera recorded the “Worldwide” song in slow motion. Recording in slow motion meant that Big Time Rush had to sing and dance to the song at 2x the speed that they normally would, in order to capture the proper fps (frames per second).

They also discussed why Tarver had to leave the show in the first place, and it was due to an upcoming television series that she had signed on for, as the lead. However, that specific show was never picked up, and her character, Jo, was brought back for the final season of Big Time Rush

If you’ve watched Schmidt’s live, and you’re in the mood for more nostalgia, Tarver did an Instagram live of her own. Schmidt was a guest on her livestream, after she appeared on his, and the two continued to reminisce about their BTR days. They even recreated this scene:

They also reacted to an episode together, and finally, Schmidt serenaded Tarver, and the audience, with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Worldwide”.

One by one, celebrities are bringing back nostalgic childhood memories, and we’re all here for it. 

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