It’s Official: David Dobrik Is Now A Full Time Dog Dad

Courtesy: Instagram

David Dobrik is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube right now. Each of his videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, and mostly consists of his friends doing the craziest things.

They get drunk, break things (including body parts), get into fist fights, kiss one another, and Dobrik even brings on celebrity guests. Some of his guests have included: Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Courtney Cox, and Justin Bieber.

Dobrik has always stated that due to how busy his life is, and the fact that he’s allergic, he couldn’t see himself owning a dog. 

However, his assistant/long time best friend, Natalie Mariduena, has been asking Dobrik if they could foster a puppy together (Mariduena lives with Dobrik, and a lot of fans ship them together). 

It’s been proven that dogs tend to relieve anxiety from humans, and with all of this COVID-19 madness, Dobrik caved. On April 2nd, he posted a TikTok, in which he revealed their new puppy. Her name is Iron Man, and their plan was to foster her until she was old enough to find her fur-ever home.

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How it all started

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Iron Man is a fitting name, because of Dobrik’s obsession with the films. Before hosting the Teen Choice Awards in 2019, Dobrik stood outside of his trailer, and waited for actor, Robert Downey Jr. to pass by. He then approached him, and turned into the biggest fan boy. 

The clip begins at timestamp, 3:25

Mariduena and Dobrik have most likely argued numerous times about the name choice, but it’s all about compromise.

In the meantime, Iron Man has been a daily part of Dobrik’s Instagram stories. He’s filmed her sleeping, biting him, running, and being absolutely adorable.

They partnered with the Labelle Foundation in Los Angeles, to bring Iron Man in as a foster.

However, yesterday, on the rescue’s official Instagram page, they posted a series of photos, featuring Iron Man. They captioned the photo: “The time has come to reveal Ferns puppies DNA!! All of her pups have found amazing and loving homes!!” 

One user, by the name Ilaria Palmas, asked if they’ve all been permanently adopted. When the foundation responded with an excited “yes!”, Dobrik fan, Taylor Koester decided to clarify.

“@taykoester: interesting, because David said he was only fostering this pup. Curious if he’d be available for adoption?”

Once again, the Labelle Foundation responded, and confirmed that Dobrik had recently decided to officially adopt Iron Man.

Dobrik also revealed on his podcast, Views, that Iron Man seems to be the one dog that he’s not allergic to. It’s almost like she was meant to be David and Natalie’s puppy.

Congratulations, David and Natalie! We can’t wait to see Iron Man’s journey to adulthood, and we wish you the best of luck with training! 

(Update): On Thursday, April 16th, David took to Instagram to post that while he and Natalie were strongly considering adopting Iron Man, she was sent to her furever home somewhere else.

Ah, they fooled us all. Hopefully, one day, David and Natalie will end up adopting one of these cute puppies. Until then, I wish Iron Man the best of luck in his new home, and I hope to see some cute pupdates in the near future!

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