Fans Are Upset That Former Wildcat, Zac Efron, Did Not Sing Along In the HSM Reunion

Courtesy: Disney

The Disney Family Singalong special premiered last night on ABC, and fans were ecstatic.

Not only did the Disney family come together for a special night of laughs, unity, song, and fun, but it was also a chance for a certain DCOM cast to reunite.

Earlier in the week, Ashley Tisdale announced via Instagram that a High School Musical reunion was in the works, and that it would happen during ABC’s Disney Family Singalong special.

Well, rumors turned to confirmation from various news outlets, when it was revealed that Zac Efron would be joining the Disney special for the High School Musical reunion. Fans were ecstatic, as this was the first time in years that the whole cast has been together.

However, that excitement didn’t last long, because while Zac Efron did make an appearance during the Disney special, it wasn’t exactly what fans had in mind.

Efron appeared briefly on screen, to introduce his old Wildcat friends and ensure that they’re all in this together. Then, he bid farewell, and the rest of the cast was introduced on screen, to perform their signature High School Musical anthem, “We’re All In This Together.”

Fans claimed to have been mislead by Efron’s cameo, and soon after the premiere ended, they were flooding his Instagram with disappointed comments.

“High School Musical made you who you are. very disappointed”, one fan commented.

Others continued expressing their disdain and disappointment towards the infamous actor. However, there were also people defending him, and trying to stop the hate.

Someone left a comment, saying that, “ya’ll assume things that aren’t true. You don’t know why he wasn’t on. He could have been sick or something was going on. don’t assume things”.

Although it was unfortunate that Efron didn’t reprise his role as Troy Bolton, for the classic Wildcat anthem, there are much bigger things to worry about at the moment.

It’s okay to be upset, but leaving hate comments on the actor’s Instagram is never okay, and I’m sure his former cast-mates would agree.

Spread positivity; not hate (or germs, for that matter).

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