The Bachelor’s Peter Weber Forced To Turn Off Instagram Comments, Due To Hate

Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/Getty Images

If you’ve seen the latest season of The Bachelor, you’ll know that there were a lot of drama, twists, and hiccups in the show. Fans thought that some girls were unfairly eliminated, while others wanted certain contestants off the show from the first episode.

By the end of the season, Weber had gotten engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, broke off the engagement, and then reconciled with Madison Prew during the the finale.

However, after Weber’s mother, Barbra Weber, voiced her opinion about disapproving their relationship, viewers wanted a direct answer as to whether or not Peter would end up choosing Madison. 

A few days after agreeing to take things slowly, both Prew and Weber took to Instagram to announce that they were no longer going to pursue their relationship. 

In late March, TMZ released a series of photos of Weber and former contestant, Kelley Flanagan, together in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. 

Courtesy: TMZ

Weber has admitted that he is currently isolating with Flanagan, and that the two are just friends right now. They are also in self quarantine with former Bachelorette contestant, Dustin Kendrick. 

Since the global population now has a lot of down time, due to social distancing and stay at home orders, Weber took it upon himself to create a TikTok account. After posting his first few TikToks, the hate began to roll in.

One by one, people were commenting negative things about Weber, his dancing, and how he “wasted a season of The Bachelor”. 

He then took to Instagram on April 2nd, to post a video of him eating cookies, while reading hate comments. “I didn’t think I could watch something worse than Peter’s season, but I was wrong”. That was just one of the many hateful comments left on his TikTok video.

Although Weber laughed it off, and tried to make light out of a negative situation, there appeared to be more negative comments than positive ones. While it’s not confirmed that hate comments are the reason, Weber has since turned off all of the comments on his Instagram pictures/videos.

His TikTok comment section remains open for now, and he seems to be responding to hate comments in a jokingly manner. 

One TikTok user left a comment, that read: “Kelly must be tired from holding you AND the entire season on her back”. Well, instead of responding with more hate, Weber replied back, with a simple: “She’s the real mvp”.

While it’s true that Bachelor Nation fans are allowed to have their own opinions about the show, leaving hate doesn’t constitute as an opinion. It’s cyber bullying, and while Weber may not appear directly affected by the comments, words can hurt a person.

It’s great that Flanagan and Weber were able to move past all of the reality television drama, and live life without limitations. 

With everything negative that is currently going on in the world, a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

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