Holy Reunions! Big Time Rush, Sonny With A Chance, and True Jackson V.P. Are Bringing Back Childhood Nostalgia

Courtesy: Disney/Viacom

It feels like I took a time machine and went back to the year 2008. With everything going on in the world now, celebrities are taking action towards spreading positivity, love, and entertainment. More importantly, former castmates from childhood television shows are reuniting for zoom calls, answering q&a’s, and even sharing news of a reboot in the works.

Most recently, Big Time Rush, True Jackson V.P., and Sonny With A Chance shared the news that they are gathering for a virtual reunion, and in True Jackson V.P’s cast, a whole reboot. 

Courtesy: Nickelodeon

Big Time Reunion:

Before Justin Bieber, One Direction, or Why Don’t We, there was Big Time Rush. They were the ultimate teen heartthrob, and their voices synced in harmony and rhythm. 

The Nickelodeon show premiered in 2009, and featured four bandmates: Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos. In between filming the show, they would perform at venues across the U.S. They had no trouble selling out venues, and they attained high popularity, until their split in 2013.

Since then, fans have continued to request a Big Time Rush reunion, tour, or even just a single performance to reunite the four friends. 

On Monday, April 20th, however, they finally gave in. Kendall Schmidt took to Instagram to post a big surprise for all of the “rushers”. It was a video of Kendall, Carlos, James, and Logan on a zoom chat. They took to Instagram to greet their fans, check in on them, and spread some positivity their way. Although it was surprising to most, and fans were ecstatic, one thing that Carlos said stood out. “Spread that love, spread that aloha, and who knows… a lot to look forward to after this is all over”.

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A Message From Big Time Rush

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Could this be a hint at a potential in person Big Time Rush reunion? Maybe a concert, a reboot episode, or even just a one time event for their fans? The future is unknown, but it’s definitely not impossible.

True Jackson V.P Reboot:

Courtesy: Nickelodeon

True Jackson V.P. first premiered on Nickelodeon in 2008, and was an immediate success. The show followed the life of 15-year-old True Jackson (played by Keke Palmer), as she juggled being a typical teengager, and upholding her status as vice president for Mad Style.

The show was funny, entertaining, and Justin Bieber even made a guest star appearance during the “True Concert” episode in Season 2. Unfortunately, the show came to an end after just two seasons, and fans were devastated.

However, we can always count on TikTok for fun trends and updates. Recently, the True Jackson V.P. theme song was a trending song on the app. It was trending with the “purple flame” effect, and people were doing crazy symbolic dances. Vlog squad member, Zane Hijazi, posted a video of him dancing to the theme song. He captioned the video: “all the toxins leaving my body since i haven’t drank since david’s last vlog a month ago”. 

Well, Keke Palmer saw the trend and decided to create her own video. She uploaded the TikTok, and decided to surprise us all, by writing: When they cancelled true jackson vp prematurely just to reboot it in 2021”.

Um, excuse me… What?! No official details about the reboot have been released yet, but once they are, stay tuned for updates!

Courtesy: Disney

Sonny With A Chance:

Chad, Chad, Chaddy Chad Chad. Sonny With A Chance was finally released on Disney+, and fans took to Instagram to post about it. They even commented on some of the actors’ photos. One user commented on a photo that Sterling Knight posted two weeks ago, and requested for a cast reunion. Others hoped for a possible reboot of the show on Disney+.

Back in December of 2019, during a q&a session, a fan asked Demi Lovato if she ever missed working with her former castmates on the show. Lovato responded by saying that, “Yes. They would make me laugh until I cried. I’m so sad that I can’t do it again, but…. you never know!” 

Well, the fans are finally getting what they were asking for. Earlier today, Sterling Knight, Brandon Michael Smith, Allisyn Snyder, and Tiffany Thornton posted the most heartwarming photo on their Instagram timelines. The entire cast of Sonny With A Chance is finally reuniting! 

While this may not be a confirmation of a reboot, as Lovato said in her q&a clip, “you never know”. Until then, be sure to watch their virtual reunion on April 25th. The exact time is still unknown, so be sure to stay updated with their social media!

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