There May Be The Possibility of A Future 90210 Mini Series, According To The Former Cast

Courtesy: Shenae Grimes-Beech

While it’s great to stay informed and updated with the current COVID-19 statistics, at some point or another, we all need a break from the news.

Disney stars, Nickelodeon stars, and celebrities all over the place are coming together for reunions, reboots, and some much needed entertainment.

In 2008, the Beverly Hills, 90210 remake aired on The CW. The new version was simply called, 90210. After ending in 2013, the show transferred over to Netflix, and the show’s popularity continued to climb. Since the finale, fans have begged for the cast to reunite. Some have even pleaded for another 90210 reboot.

Courtesy: CBS Studios

Well, on April 16th, some of the 90210 cast members took to Instagram to post about an upcoming zoom reunion.

The series was streaming on Netflix for a few years, but was unfortunately taken off in October of 2018.

“Wish they would put it back on Netflix!”, wrote one fan. 

After it was revealed that the cast was once again reuniting, fans were ecstatic. One user by the name of Kessa stated that the show reminded him of happier times.

“Take me back to when this started. Better times and my life was much happier then.”

Well, although fans weren’t able to watch the live zoom reunion, it’s now available on Shenae Grimes-Beech’s YouTube channel. Grimes-Beech was the mastermind behind this reunion.

Grimes-Beech introduced the cast in a humorous way, and one by one, viewers got to see more and more of the cast. Jessica Lowndes (Adriana), Michael Steger (Navid), Matt Lanter (Liam), Josh Zuckerman (Max), Jessica Stroup (Silver), and Tristan Wilds popped into the zoom. However, perhaps the most hilarious one to make her grand entrance was AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi), with her Naomi-like wardrobe. 

Steger, Beech and Lanter were talking about their children, and how old each of them were. That’s when McCord hilariously chimed in, by stating that her cat was seven years old. 

The cast also explained why Dustin Milligan (Ethan) disappeared after Season 1. Apparently, two of the original show runners left the show, and when a new set of show runners were brought in, they fired Milligan. It was due to the fact that Milligan’s vibe didn’t fit the jock character of Ethan Ward.

They talked about their favorite 90210 scenes, as well as some behind the scenes secrets. For example, during one of the episodes where Dixon was in a coma after a bad car accident, apparently, Wilds fell asleep before his one liner. McCord also fell asleep during Lanter’s first few scenes on set, which made him nervous about his acting on the show.

Zuckerman had to leave pretty abruptly, but he swapped places with Wilds, as he joined the zoom about ten minutes into the call. According to McCord, Wilds thought that the call was in Eastern Standard Time, rather than Pacific Standard Time.

Once Wilds joined the call, all seven cast mates began talking about a possible 90210 reboot. “If there was ever a reboot of the reboot, would you do it?”

Stroup answered by saying that if it was a “sixer” or a mini series, then she would do it. The rest of the cast chimed in and agreed to do it, as long as it wasn’t a two, three, or four season project. Many of them are parents now, and have other responsibilities to tend to. 

However, the possibilities are endless, and fans would surely enjoy watching their favorite cast reuniting on the big screen.

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