A Sonny With A Chance Reunion: Why A Reboot Is Highly Unlikely

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Yesterday was the widely anticipated Sonny With A Chance/So Random! reunion, and much like the Disney Channel show, it was full of comedic elements, laughter, and embarking on new (and old) memories.

Allisyn Snyder (Zora) was the one who set up this virtual Zoom reunion. It’s crazy to see the whole cast joined together after nearly ten years.

Douglas Brochu (Grady), Sterling Knight (Chad Dylan Cooper), Tiffany Thornton (Tawni), Audrey Whitby (Audrey), Shayne Topp (Shayne), Damien Haas (Damien), Matthew Scott Montgomery (Matthew), and of course, Demi Lovato (Sonny) joined the reunion. Brandon Michael Smith (Nico) joined in spirit, but unfortunately, he admitted to getting the dates wrong in an Instagram post. Yet, he did state that he would love to create a new project with his former cast mates.

Snyder began the reunion by asking what everyone has been doing since the show, and Lovato had the best response:

“Rehab… Several times!”.

Lovato has previously been admitted into rehab, due to substance abuse and eating disorders. However, as of lately, she appears to be in a happier, healthier place; focusing on herself and her own passion projects.

It’s great to see that she was able to make light out of a once dark past. The response seemed to be an ice breaker for the group, as everyone joined in with laughter and comfortability. 

There was some behind the scenes tea that fans were filled in on. The SWAC actors used to scare the cast of Jessie, as well as former Disney star, Olivia Holt, by placing a creepy mannequin inside of their dressing rooms. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with Holt’s set teacher, because the SWAC cast got into trouble after scaring Holt to bits.

While some of the former cast members are still actors, producers, and performers in the entertainment industry, Thornton revealed that she is no longer involved with the industry. She sadly admitted that due to the yearly fees and her disconnection, she isn’t even a part of the Screen Actors Guild any more. Thornton did state that she misses acting sometimes, and that she would be interested in a future project with the Sonny With A Chance/So Random! cast.

Thornton made a comment about Lovato’s dressing room being constantly overheated. “Demi, your dressing room was 98 degrees every day.”

Instead of remaining quiet, or holding back, Lovato responded with a blunt,

“because I had an eating disorder and was underweight and freezing!” 

While it was clear that the others wanted to be respectful and refrain from laughing, they felt more at ease once Lovato laughed it off. They chuckled a bit, after seeing that the comment no longer bothered her.

Then, the conversation switched to where their characters would be if Sonny With A Chance was still going on. Thornton revealed that Tawni most likely would have ended up with Grady’s brother — Delta Doo frat leader, Grant Mitchell.

According to Lovato and Knight, Sonny & Chad (Channy) would have ended up together on a farm in Calabasas, California. This would have been the compromise between the two, since Chad dreamt of a future in Hollywood, and Sonny dreamt of a future on a farm.

Courtesy: Disney

Snyder admitted that Zora would have taken over Condor studios, as her revenge on Mr. Condor’s daughter (and arch nemesis), Dakota Condor.

Since Smith wasn’t there to answer for Nico, Brochu took over the reigns for the both of them. He said that Nico and Grady would most likely be doing an SNL kind of comedy show at the moment. 

Thornton then brought up the topic of a Sonny With A Chance show, set in the future. Although the former cast began talking about what that would look like, Lovato spoke her truth. 

“I love all of you guys so much… But I went through so much during that show, that I would rather just start a whole new project with all of you.”

Lovato then explained why a Sonny With A Chance continuation wouldn’t work. 

“I think the problem is.. This is what happened with Lizzie McGuire. What she was saying, is that it’s not realistic to do a remake for someone in their 30’s, and not have adult issues.”

Lovato had to leave the call shortly after, and then the cast talked about their time working on the third season of Sonny With A Chance: So Random!.

Although the reunion was only about thirty minutes, there was so much nostalgia packed into one video call. 

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Virtual Reunion with the cast of SWAC & So Random!

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We can only hope that after this is all over, and it’s safe to return back to normal, that the cast can reunite in person for a future on-screen project.

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