Vanessa Hudgens Is Fueling Our Disney Nostalgia

Courtesy: Disney/VeVo

So far, it’s been almost two months since the COVID-19 virus started picking up in the U.S. For other countries like Italy, China, etc., life in isolation has been much longer. There’s only so much news that one person can watch, which is why many adults/teens are utilizing streaming apps.

Disney+ in particular has been astronomically popular. When faced with challenging adversities, it’s always a nice relief to binge watch a show from your childhood. It brings happiness, and reminds us of the simpler times — long before this whole pandemic situation began.

Well, a lot of former Disney stars have been feeling the same way. Since social distancing guidelines have been implemented, many former Disney/Nickelodeon stars have joined forces for various reunions.

The cast of the original High School Musical had a virtual reunion for the Disney Family Singalong special, almost two weeks ago. They performed the infamous “We’re All In This Together” High School Musical anthem, and it brought back so many positive memories. 

Although it was a quick performance, Vanessa Hudgens has been in a High School Musical mindset ever since. 

On April 18, Hudgens posted a video on Instagram, “reacting” to Max Clayton’s TikTok. The TikTok consisted of Clayton singing Zac Efron’s lyrical portion of “Gotta Go My Own Way”, from High School Musical 2. He left open space in the song for Hudgens to sing the Gabriella Montez half of the duet, and she gave it her all.

Between the energy and the emotion that she put into singing the song, Hudgens really did embody Gabriella Montez. It’s incredible that after so many years, her voice is just as mesmerizing as it was ten years ago.

Well, if you think that Hudgens stopped the High School Musical nostalgia there, then think again. 

Two days ago, Hudgens uploaded a carpool karaoke (or careoke, as she called it) video to her IGTV. The song that she sang to was none other than “Breaking Free”, from High School Musical. Since Efron was unfortunately missing for his live rendition of the song, Hudgens improvised.

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To… yep… breaking free. Lol

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She played the track with full vocals, let Efron (technically, Drew Seeley) sing his part, and then chimed in for the Gabriella Montez lines.

The performance brought me back to the East High auditorium stage from 2008. It was true Gabriella Montez energy in that car. She started off by singing away from the camera. Her eye contact was shy, and her voice was low. By the time the chorus came around, she was singing directly into the camera, and she was dancing like her life depended on it.

We all wanted to be extras in the East High auditorium, and now, it’s almost like the viewers were actually there. It was an astounding performance, and an ultimate treat for High School Musical fans everywhere. 

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