YouTuber, Sam Golbach, Rushed To The Hospital After A TikTok Gone Wrong

Courtesy: Instagram

TikTok is known for a lot of different types of content. There’s the standard trending dance challenges, the food/life hacks, pranks, music, and of course, the crazy content.

Well, on YouTube, Sam Golbach and Colby Brock are best known for their paranormal content. They travel to haunted hotels/abandoned sites, with friends: Corey Scherer and Jake Webber, to contact paranormal entities. 

Towards the beginning of April, the four friends announced that they had moved into a house together, and they called it “The Trap House”. 

There’s already some fun Trap House content on Brock and Webber’s YouTube channels. However, they decided to take it up a notch.

Fans are always pleading for more pranks, adventures, and craziness from the YouTubers. So, on April 1st, they created “@thetraphouse” TikTok account. 

They’ve amassed almost half a million followers already, and their TikToks are very entertaining. 

Recently, however, Sam Golbach posted a photo on Instagram, of himself at the hospital. The caption read: “So I tried jumping off of my roof for a @thetraphouse tik tok… yes I know I’m dumb. But as I wait for the xrays I just wanted to tell yalls I think imma be alright!”

Late last night, they posted the full TikTok on The Trap House account. While they omitted the visuals of Golbach hitting the ground, we got to see what led up to the jump. The Trap House members were playing a game of Spin The Wheel of Dares. When Golbach spun the wheel, his dare was to jump off of the roof. 

Although they put down a few fluffy bean bag chairs, Golbach either missed his mark, or the bean bags weren’t as durable as they seemed. As mentioned above, the landing wasn’t shown.

Hours after the initial Instagram post, Golbach revealed through a TikTok on his personal page, that he had broken his back. The details of the injury were not mentioned. However, he did state that he was doing alright, and that he is now recovering back at his house. 

The Trap House members also stated that a full YouTube video will be coming out soon. So, be sure to stay tuned for when that video gets released!

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